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In the past, if you wanted to generate income from your website for products and services, other than your own, you signed up as an affiliate and earned income on leads and sales. A more recent development however are companies that will pay you simply for placing ads on your site. In some cases, you’ll be paid per click, in others you earn for the number of impressions and others will pay you a monthly fee simply for listing them.

Pay Per Click

Simply by placing a small piece of code on your site, a selection of advertisements relevant to the content of that page will appear on your site and you earn each time somebody clicks on one of the ads. Payment can range from a couple of cents to several dollars per click depending on demand for the subject matter. It is not unusual for people to create sites around a particular theme just for the income these ads can generate.

In most cases you have a high degree of control in that you can choose where to place these ad boxes, can choose the size and colour scheme and can block ads for competitors or other unsuitable sites. The main restriction is that you are usually only permitted ad boxes from one company on any one page.

Google Adsense
Without doubt, the biggest and most lucrative is Google Adsense. Subject to acceptance(generally you will need a quality, high content site with at least 20 pages) even fairly low traffic sites can generate a substantial income from these ads alone. You can see an example of the Google Adbox at the top of this page.

You can choose from text ads, banners, search boxes and category ads and can code your ads to identify which pages/sizes/designs etc work best for you.

Recommended Reading
Testing which ads work best is extremely important and can be the difference between earning a few cents or thousands of dollars.

This is best illustrated by looking at the case of Joel Comm as it wasn’t so long ago he was making only $30 a day with Google’s Adsense program. Then one day he began testing other ways to increase his Adsense earnings.

As a result, we’re not talking about Joel doubling his Adsense commissions from $30 to $60 a day but to a staggering $500+ per day!

By last December it had climbed up to making $18,343 in just one month and his case study shows how it didn’t take long once he knew how to tweak his Adsense pages.

Luckily for you, Joel documented everything he did and you can have access to it all where you’ll view actual details of what Joel he does. His book is crammed solid with Adsense marketing tips, must-have marketing information and I highly recommend that you check it out for yourself if you are using Adsense now… or ever plan to. Full details are available here

Other Recommended Sites

As Google has a minimum payout of $100 and does not allow sites in certain sectors eg gambling, you may find other programs are more suitable especially if you find Google are unable to deliver many ads to your site. In some cases these programs can be integrated into the Google program for those occasions when Google are unable to provide appropriate paying ads.


While not all sites can necessarily attract large numbers of new visitors that find them on existing search engines, it is inevitable that a user visiting a website eventually leaves it. Once a site visitor clicks through to a particular site that he found on a search engine, he may then leave that site for various reasons and by a number of ways. For instance, a visitor searching for something in particular may end up at a certain site that does not satisfy his search and so ends up leaving this site by clicking on the “back” button.

Each time an online visitor searches for something on a major search engine and ends up visiting your site, a new revenue opportunity is presented to you. When the user eventually decides to leave your site and clicks on the browser’s back button, the ExitJunction Script redirects the visitor that just exited your site to a custom user friendly page containing search results most related to the term he originally searched for in Google

Your site ad space remains untouched and you can continue using your current ad-providers on your site, except now you will have an additional revenue stream! ExitJunction ads can appear on the same page as Google Adsense since they are not contextual and do not resemble Google AdSense.

ExitJunction pays you for all international traffic, be it traffic from the United States, UK, Australia, China or India.

MIVA offer 2 types of advertising – content ads, like Google ads and InLine Ads which you can use in conjunction with Google ads, as they highlight relevant keywords in your text, rather than appearing separately. You only need to earn £25 to be paid.

Clicksor pay you 75% of the advertising revenues generated from your website from ads they provide and 85% on your own advertisers, and pay out at just $20. Offer links, banners, pop-unders and search boxes.

AllFeeds offer the full range of banner sizes, pop-unders, search boxes etc. and also make it easy to integrate their listings into Google Adsense when Google is unable to provide relevant paid ads. You can even create your own customized money making 404 page without needing to know any HTML or programming. Pays out at just $25.

Bidvertiser offers full flexibility in terms of layout and the option to block ads whilst showing only the highest paying ads. Text ads only. Payout at just $10 by paypal or $25 by cheque.

Targetpoint offers website publishers of all sizes to display not only the most relevant ads to the site content, but also the most profitable ads overall for each category.

You get absolute control over the appearance of your ads, supervision over ad content and up-to-date statistics on your site’s performance. Payment options include Bank checks, Paypal and Wire transfers (if eligible).

Bidclix has been around since 2001, serves over 30 million ads per day and is one of the quickest to make payment – just 15 days after the end of each month. Range of ad sizes and pop-unders available.

Pay Per Impression

If you receive sufficiently high traffic to your site, you can earn simply on the number of times an ad appears without any clicks or leads required. Usually paid as a multiple of 1000 impressions, this is known as CPM. Available as a pop-under or exit page without traffic requirements but also available for banners on your site if you generate sufficient traffic (upwards of 5,000 page views per month). Popup ads pay considerably more but are intrusive and not always suitable.

Please note that although they pay CPM, there is usually a minimum click through requirement of around .25% – check terms and conditions for precise details of each program. You will also be required to place banner ads at, or very near, the top of each page.

FastClick is one of the most well known, long established networks in this sector. You need only 3,000 page views per month to qualify and are paid on reaching $50. Option to exclude any inappropriate advertisers and to redirect any unsold space to avoid serving unpaid ads. – If you have more than 200 page views per day (or 5,000 per month), you might want to consider joining Webmasters can select from a wide range of media including Banner, Layer Ads, Pop-Under Advertisements to host on their websites and also select the category of ads being shown. Currently paying up to $1.80 CPM on US and UK popunder traffic or $0.18 for UK banner ads. Payout level of $20 through paypal or $50 by cheque., as the name suggests only offer pop-up ads and as such have no traffic requirements to meet. You can even place ads on any site rather than just the one you sign up with. They pay a flat $4 CPM for pop-up ads and exit ads or $3 for pop-unders. Layer ads will be shown if pop-up blockers are active on a computer. Payout at just $25 by cheque. have a stricter eligibility program than most. In addition to the 5,000 minimum page view requirement they also require sites to be primarily content based with no more than 2 468×60 banners or “an excessive amount of advertising” on any page and you must have an active, publicly stated privacy policy. UK company with £100 minimum payout level.

For predominantly US/Canadian high traffic sites, consider Azoogle. You need 25,000 site views per month for which they claim to offer the highest CPM available (75% payout is considerably better than many other agencies)

Experclick offers greater flexibility than others in that you can state a minimum price for advertising you accept then advertisers bid for your space. If the price drops below, your own default banners are used instead or you can redirect to another CPM agency ad. You can also exclude ads by categories or by name. Company pay out 65% of revenue.

For personal reviews of a selection of CPM agencies visit

Paid for Linking

Anyone serious about getting top search engine ranking knows that acquiring text links from other websites is essential. It can however be time consuming finding suitable sites to carry a link so networks have sprung up to synchronise buyers and sellers. Generally only suited to sites with a Google PageRank (PR) of at least PR5, these networks pay you a monthly fee for adding links to your site. The higher the page rank, the higher the fee you can earn. If you don’t know the PR of the various pages of your site download the free Google toolbar which will show the ranking of each page you visit using Internet Explorer. is the largest brokerage by sales volume, inventory selection, and customer base & their search features make it easy for link buyers to find related pages anywhere within your site. Average monthly prices range from $7 for a PR sub page to $140 for a PR8 home page. 50% payout on wholesale price.

Text Link Popularity offer a new service whereby marketing staff try to find advertisers (Text Link Buyers) for any site with PR3 or above. 40% commission charged and the balance paid to you by Paypal.

Linkworth allow you to set your own pricing and they bring the Advertisers to you. Advertisers pay LinkWorth and LinkWorth pays you to ensure accurate payment for all transactions. You are able to approve each link before it’s placed on your website, choose how you would like to publish it on your site, and their system manages all of it for you. Ranking is based on their own “LinkRank” based on inward links found using the top search engines, rather than just Google. You will receive 70% of each transaction fee. provides a marketplace whereby those selling space on their site can set their own rates and list their details free of charge. If buyers take up your offer, you pay only a small commission rate to the agency rather than the usual 50/50 split.


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