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If you’ve come to this page after looking at many of the others you are probably suffering from information overload. I hope however it has given you an idea of the areas you wish to consider. Below I have listed several magazines which will keep you up to date with the latest business opportunities, tips and news. You will find reviews of businesses, and often details of companies to avoid, together with advertisements for hundreds of opportunities. In the case of printed publications, you can usually get sample copy for the price of a SAE or a few postage stamps. When you subscribe most magazines include special offers on advertising (often a free ad in the magazine) and other discounts eg printing and mailing facilities. As all the readers will be in business, or considering running a business, it is worth the subscription fee alone if you are trying to get your business up and running and want to quickly test general interest.
Recommended Publications

UK Business Opportunity Review

Whilst I am always more than happy to look at any offers you come across, and give you my opinion, I simply don’t have time to actually try out many of the products and guides I come across so this site goes a long way towards solving this problem. UK Business Opportunity Review is an excellent site where members submit in-depth reviews of business opportunities they’ve actually tried so you no longer need to rely on guesswork as to which businesses are worth a further look. New reviews are added to the site every week and members make contributions to the members forum daily so there are already hundreds of reviews to read. Not only do you find out which businesses to avoid you can also read about the ones that are generating a significant income for members. You even get e-mail alerts about the latest scams.

However the site is more than just a collection of reviews. You also get free legal advice from a UK solicitor, useful articles on starting out in business, the chance to buy and sell second hand business opportunities, and if you’re interested in horse racing, tipsters results data – check out actual tips received from members. When you join you also get £700 worth of bonuses including a free domain name and web hosting, website creation software and a huge selection of e-books. Submit a review yourself and you’ll get a free one month subscription. Visit for details.
Profit From Home Magazine

A home business A5 magazine published on the third Wednesday of every month with a circulation of 200-300. Regular features include; competition open to all readers, feature articles, scam busters, news, advertising offers and a free copy of Profit Shock every second month. Services include leaflet inserts and print and mail. Subscribers can win in a Subscribers Prize Draw and also win cash with a Subscribers Cash Pot. An updated copy can be had by sending 2x1st class or 3x2nd class stamps to:
PFHM (O/02), 16 Equitable Street, Milnrow, Rochdale, OL16 4HD

Get an annual subscription to The Postal Trader and not only do you get 12 monthly issues but you also get a free classified ad together with discounted display ads, and free entry to monthly competitions for just £10. Contact Vic Turner on for details of a sample issue.

HBC Members Club offer you free ongoing advertising on their website, a copy of Home Business Choices every month, the very latest “opportunity seeker” mailing list labels and an informative “no holds barred” club newsletter. It then adds a bonus every month to your subscription fee to spend on any of their products and services (advertising, mailing lists, printing and design services as well as publications and software) – eg. join at £30 a month and they’ll add £30 to your account giving you £60 to spend, or roll up for future use. You can also enhance your income further simply by telling others how to take advantage of these same discounts. Membership levels start at just £5 per month.

You can see a typical issue of Home Business Choices in Acrobat format at which includes full club details together with many of the products available to you and will give you an idea of the promotional services they offer. This may take a while to load if you have a dial-up connection.

Should you wish to join, but not have the necessary software to print out the application form on the final page or have any further questions, e-mail me and I’ll either send you a copy as an e-mail attachment or post out a copy if you include a postal address.

Making Money’s title tells you exactly what the title is all about and is available through your local newsagent It is an invaluable aid to anyone from any walk of life looking for financial success. Franchising, Network Marketing, Business Opportunities, Business Support, plus advice on investments, pensions, and banking to name a few are regular features every month.

Work@Home is a newsletter for the 2 million people who work from home and the other millions who wish to. Included in each issue will be profitable business ideas to start immediately, full-time, part-time or spare-time; success stories; funding available and lots of useful information to help you succeed. If you are looking to attract new recruits for your opportunity and customers for your product advertising starts at just £15.

Work@Home subscription is £18 per year or £1.50 per issue. Write to Mangla Sachdev, Dept IHD, Publicity Workshop, 16 Curlew Gardens Dunfermline KY11 8GF

The Sharemail Advertiser – This useful monthly magazine is full of new ideas, covering many types of money making schemes and plans. A sample copy is available for 2 second class stamps, whilst an annual subscription costs just £15 and includes £10 worth of advertising vouchers, reproduction rights to all published articles and a free monthly draw. Write to The Sharemail Advertiser, 2 Fairfax Close, Gilling East, York, YO62 4JF or visit

Free e-books and free monthly ezine ‘The Home Business Developer’ – And discover an exciting proven UK Home Business:


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