Computer Skills

Computer Skills

Computer Skills

This site deals with UK opportunities. If you are based outside the UK, please click here for the international site.

If you have programming skills, there are countless companies available that allow you to work freelance, sometimes telecommute, and not always in the same country. There are many agencies that will provide you with details of work currently available, and many will also permit you to register with them, on the web, for future work .

If you don’t have the necessary skills already, I’ve included details of training courses and suggested starting points.

QNA Surveys

Whilst not available to everyone, if you’re an IT or Business professional in any business sector (includes most people running their own business) one site I’d strongly recommend is QNA. Once you join QNA, every survey you take earns a financial reward. You can either collect it personally in the form of Amazon or Virgin vouchers or donate it to one of their partner charities. Unlike other sites where you might wait weeks for payments, you can expect to receive your Amazon vouchers within an hour of completion (working hours only) with Virgin vouchers being posted out to you the next day! The one I completed yesterday has already paid me £5 and took no more than a couple of minutes to complete.

An online survey will carry an incentive of £5 or £10 (the typical online survey will be worth £10) with telephone surveys paying £5 to £10 and face-to-face interviews or focus groups offering a reward of £25 to £75

As a member your name is placed in the QNA Monthly Draw – whether you have completed a survey in that month or not. The prize is usually a typical “must-have” techno-gadget such as the latest iPod.

Find out more from was started in February 2004 and is today one of the top players in the online freelance area. As a freelancer you can choose among hundreds of outsourced projects. Free to join. Below are a few current projects.

Computer Consultancy

Computer Consulting For Beginners

One of the most common requests I receive is a vague request from people wanting to earn from home using their computer skills but don’t know where to start. This new seminar could be just the answer, coming as it does from someone who doesn’t just know his stuff but has helped literally thousands of small business computer consultants in all U.S states, Canada, the U.K., Australia, New Zealand, and 31 other nations around the globe, build stable, profitable consulting businesses over the last 7 years.

This 130-minute teleseminar recording tells you exactly what most new owners of small business computer consulting firms are doing wrong and what you need to do if you want to have any chance of being in business 12 months from now. It tells you which IT skills and certifications are most important to small business owners and how to get enough steady business to transition from a part-time, side-business to a full-time consulting practice. And being audio, rather than an ebook, you can take it anywhere with you to listen to at your convenience and it can motivate you in a way that a book cannot. You’ll find further details at
Make Money With Your Computing Skills

Scriptlance is a freelance project site where businesses post their custom requirements and invite bids from programmers. Over 100 projects posted daily.

The following sites all work along similar lines and are available worldwide. People post questions they want answered and either state the price they are prepared to pay or request bids. You then offer to respond and if selected receive the sum agreed less any commission charged by the site who deal with all payment administration. You will often by required to show evidence of your expertise by detailing your relevant skills.

Obviously in all cases you can use the sites to obtain answers to your own questions. is a new Danish site (in English and Danish) where people with IT-questions and assignments, find those who solve them! Earn 85% of fees for answering questions posted.

HotDispatch – technical expertise only for computer programmers. Work can vary from simple questions to more complex projects. – cash payments for answering questions subject to acceptance of your expert status based on your education and/or relevant experience – state your rates and pay 20% commission to the company.

Tech22 was designed to keep IT Professionals aware of industry developments as they occur. They give you FREE access to over 300 tech newsletters and if you sign up now you are automatically entered to Win a Sony Vaio Notebook PC!

So whether it’s weekly industry updates, free downloads, software tips, new products, free trials, IT surveys, technology events in your area, will make sure you are on the front line of the ever expanding IT industry and you may just end up there with a new FREE computer. Subscribe here.

Many companies have web sites, through which you can register your skills and also check out current vacancies. Use a search engine such as Yahoo to check out the latest.

Although not specifically designed for home based working, you can use the search facilities to seek out home based or teleworking opportunities in the relevant sectors, whilst also entering your CV. Some worth checking out are:

Telework Recruiting, Inc.,is one of the most respected resources for finding professional telecommuting jobs. With hundreds of telecommuting job leads and over 1,600 companies throughout the US, UK, and Canada hiring teleworkers, this is one of the best places to start.

Whether you’re seeking Customer Service work, Programming contracts, Data Entry leads, or other computing work, you’ve got a good chance of finding work here. There is virtually no profession or telecommuting job that they don’t cover. is a UK site with good search facilities and the option to receive daily updates on suitable vacancies. Using the keywords “work from home” generated over 40 genuine skilled vacancies, particularly computer programming, but also offering a wide range of other vacancies. offer you the chance to bid on various projects, including web design and other computing projects. Not currently taking on new providers but worth checking periodically.

eWork Exchange – global site with extensive range of projects. Enter your details and it automatically scans the database for suitable work.

Reed Employment –

Job Exchange –

Job Serve – A commercial job advertising site for the computer and IT field. Has the word ‘telework’ as a filter.

Job Site –

People Bank –

RecruitNet – The web site for the Guardian Newspaper’s recruitment service. – Sections for vacancies in many countries around the world. UK page has links to nearly 100 job sites around the country

Thousands of people from over 120 countries now use the marketplaces for web and graphic design, software development, business services, research, data entry and much more.

Starting Out

If you’ve no experience in computer programming, a good place to start is HTML – designing web sites. There are many software programmes that virtually do it all for you so that you can learn gradually. If your own ISP doesn’t provide you with free web space, there are many free sites out there (see the web page for a list), which you can use to practice. When you feel confident these sites can form a CV to sell yourself.

First Website Builder

Newbie Club took a total beginner who had built her very first Website using FREE programs and graphics – and asked her to write a book about it. Then they added a further 3 books by world renowned Internet marketing experts Joe Robson, Tom Glander and Joe Barta and created the definitive guide for anyone wanting to build their first website.

In line with many packages I’ve recommended, this is another one worth way in excess of the asking price of $39.95 and comes with a no strings, no questions asked, 1 year money back guarantee.

UPDATE – This package has now been updated to include a 24 part HTML Course and such website building tools as a gizmo wizard which enables you to add special effects in just a few clicks, a mini site wizard for creating a no-frills mini site in minutes and a website encryption wizard which allows you to encrypt everything on your new Website to stop content thieves and spammers.

You can find full details from help_for_beginners

Alternatively, there are many great books for starting out. The following are available from Amazon or Amazon UK by clicking on the title. Most can also be ordered through your local bookshop.

Recommended books are:

Complete Idiot’s Guide to Creating a Web Page, Fifth Edition – Paul McFedries

Amazon Price: £14.28

Paperback – 400 pages (February, 2002)


The Complete Idiot’s Guide to Creating an HTML Web Page provides you with the tools you need to create and customize your Web pages. A careful, step-by-step approach enables you to build and publish your first Web page. With the basics in place, you are slowly introduced to more advanced concepts such as tables, forms, frames, and style sheets. Many examples illustrate each new concept, and you are encouraged to use and build upon these examples. Many new Web page concepts are covered, including XML, style sheets and JavaScript programs. Step-by-step approach builds confidence and enables you to construct and publish your first Web page.

Simple, non-technical explanations enable you to incorporate more advanced technologies such as tables, forms, frames, and style sheets.

CD-ROM contains Webmaster’s Toolkit, HTML editors, graphics programs and files, sound files, and sample Web pages.

HTML by Example – Todd Stauffer

List Price: £17.99 Amazon Price: £14.39

Paperback – 486 pages ( 1 January, 2000) Que41; ISBN: 0789722283


This guide to HTML teaches beginners by example, providing concise information presented with real-world situations and examples of how to solve problems.

Customer Comments

Great Book – Don’t pass it on!

I found this to be a great book. I only knew HTML from looking at the page source with my browser. With the help of this book, I built a web page that got great reviews…even from fellow designers!

This is not the kind of book you read cover to cover. You can pick and choose what you need/want to get the effects you are looking for. When HTML 4.0 became the ‘standard,’ I passed this book on to a friend. DON’T MAKE THAT ERROR! This book is a great reference. I am now purchasing it again…and this one will not be given away.

This book is the best HTML book I have found!

It gives explanations in ENGLISH and in a manner that everyone, even the slowest of learners, can understand. Not only that, it gives examples to go by and pictures of the expected outcome. I would definitely buy another book from this guy!!

Creating Web Pages For Dummies® Bud E. Smith, Arthur Bebak,
UK List Price: £18.95 Amazon Price:£13.27
IDG Books Worldwide Inc

An instruction manual on creating Web pages. It covers publishing strategies, HTML basics, developing full Web sites, and using authoring tools. In addition, the authors look at the tools and strategies for building speciality pages for businesses, creating Web pages with and for Web TV, hooking up with an online community, and using Web integration tools in productivity suites, operating systems and the iMac.
Training Courses

The first place to check out is your local college as they will usually operate evening classes in computer programming, web design and other computer related topics. If they don’t or the timing of courses is impractical to you, you could try some of the many companies offering correspondence courses. Among the more established are:

Forefront Europe Ltd
This company supplies computer based training products covering such qualifications as Certified Novell Engineers, Microsoft’s new MCSE and repair technicians. For further details of these self-study courses telephone 0800 279 2009 or write to:

Forefront Europe Ltd, 6-8 Wicklow Street, Dublin 2, Ireland

FREEPOST, 105/107 Princess Street, Manchester, M1 8DS

0161 228 7783

CATS – The Original Computer Assembly Training School
CATS offer home study courses for distance learning, plus classroom training. In addition to CATS own ‘in-house’ produced video training material, they also provide Certification training material from PC Assembly to A+ (A PLUS), MCSE, iNet+, Linux+, CISCO and Network+ Certification.
Online Training Courses

There are now several companies offering online training. The arrival of cheaper online access makes this an extremely cost effective way of training. Many of these companies offer several courses for a single monthly or annual fee, usually with free trial classes.

For details visit our training page


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