Copy This Idea A New Book To Help You Start A Business

Copy This Idea A New Book To Help You Start A Business

Copy This Idea A New Book To Help You Start A Business

If you’ve ever thought about starting your own business at home, a new book published by Capstone,called simply Copy This Idea, is a ‘must read’.

This new book is the story of one ordinary down to earth guy, who stumbled upon an idea for a business, brought it back to the UK and, from a standing start, with no customers, no products and no idea how to run a business like this, went on to bank over £50million starting in his spare room at home in his spare time.

Author Andrew Reynolds is the first to admit that he never did well at school – never had a formal business education and if it hadn’t; been for a chance meeting with a softly spoken American gentleman who showed him a way to make money, he probably would never have been able to change his finances and his life as much as he has been able to since giving up his full time job to follow his hunch that he had found what he was looking for – someone who would teach him and mentor him.

That’s why this new book, Copy This Idea, is all about. In the book Reynolds shows you exactly how his business works – even naming chapters helpfully as “How I Make My Money And What Sells Best” and “How To Go From Making A Few Hundred Pounds…. To Banking Your First Million”. According to Andrew Reynolds – its not too difficult to do – once you see what he does and you copy his ideas.

To help see his business system in action, book buyers also get a free set of DVDs too – including a full length session where he demonstrates his system live, to a camera crew and they record the money rolling in live on his laptop screen. Its captivating stuff – and well worth a look if you are looking for an idea you can copy, to start your own business.

Copy This Idea by Author Andrew Reynolds. Non-fiction. Home Business. ISBN 978-1-118-78672-7 Published by John Wiley and Sons Ltd. Available from, other online book retailers such as WH Smith, or you can grab your copy right now for just £9.99.


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