Building a Downline

Whilst there are now dozens of traffic exchanges programs available, to get visitors to your site, it can be extremely time consuming to visit enough sites yourself, especially when promoting replica sites.

If you don’t have the time or inclination to get the most out of traffic exchanges, there are now several free or low cost alternatives.
Sources for Discounted Online Advertising

Paid advertising online can be very effective, but can be initially expensive, particularly if you want to promote referral programs where you don’t see an immediate return on your investment. But did you know there are ways to get identical advertising packages at a fraction of the price?

Adtactics – One of the most innovative sites around, you earn credits from reading messages, viewing sites and displaying banners for other members and use these credits to buy advertising. Free and premium memberships available.


This might be a surprising suggestion but there are hugely discounted advertising packages available on eBay. In the past I’ve picked up a paid solo e-mail to the membership base of a GPTRE site for just $1 and links on a PR6 site for £1. Below are a few examples currently available from both the UK and US sites.

Downline Clubs

It doesn’t matter how many visitors you get to your site if you can’t persuade anyone to sign up for the program you’re promoting. Downline clubs are an attempt to help to overcome this by working for the mutual benefit of all members. In return for signing up for programs under other members, you get people signing up under you in your selected programs. is a well-established downline club with hundreds of opportunities to join and promote. You earn credits by joining a program, clicking links or referring new members to the site, and then swap your credits for new referrals in the programs of your choice. You set the number of credits you offer to each referral – the more you offer, the higher up the list your offer appears and the greater the chance of getting referals.

There are THREE Keys to Success when playing network marketing programs:

1. Know Which Programs to Join and Which to Avoid
2. Get in EARLY
3. Have a List of Like Minded Players

ProgramJunkies scour the network marketing community to identify the best fast acting, big income programs for you, using their 25 years of combined network marketing experience and well connected contacts and leaders to help them find Good Programs FIRST to bring to their members. As ProgramJunkies have a fast acting, intelligent and responsive membership these companies are happy to provide preferential placement and early launch alerts enabling you to get in first with a ready built downline.

To help your marketing efforts you can also add some of your promotional programs into the system to earn extra referrals.


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