Earn from the Internet

Earn from the Internet

With so many companies operating and make money via the Internet, it can be hard for each individual company to stand out. One very cheap and effective way is to get other people to do their marketing for them and for this they are more than willing to pay you.

Some companies encourage you to spread the word by paying you commission on sales. No longer exclusively related to US companies with payment in dollars but there are now several companies paying out on UK sites in sterling.

Alternatively, you can earn from simply referring people to sign up for various schemes. You either get an initial payment or qualifying points, or you receive credit when the first order is placed.

Or simply for adding a link or an ad to your site.

Before joining any of the programs, consider getting yourself a separate e-mail address. Many companies offer free services, so you don’t need to rely on hotmail with their junk mail problems. To completely eliminate junkmail,you should then consider signing up with Spamjab. This completely free service filters your e-mail so nothing doubtful makes it through to your mailbox. Where this works better than any service I’ve come across is the way it sends you an e-mail if it’s in doubt so that you can authorise or reject that particular address for future use. You can view and read or delete all the rejected mail through your Spamjab account. This is also ideal if your children have e-mail accounts that need overseeing to prevent spam. You’ll find full details here.

A new sector appearing is companies willing to pay you to provide content for their sites. This may sometimes require regular monthly reports so don’t take on too many commitments. Further details are available here.


Nowhere near as lucrative as in the early days, but maybe when it settles down again you can at least cover the cost of your own internet access, or even make a reasonable monthly income.

Most companies in this field are US based and pay out in dollars, but many may offer a full UK service at some point in the future.

COMMISSION ON SALES – Affiliate programs

The Internet is full of companies prepared to pay you to sell their products for them. The vast majority are American but there has been a recent surge in interest by UK companies so I’m restricting this list to UK schemes. A small selection are listed here.


You don’t even need to make sales. Many companies will pay you just to list their business on your website or put up an ad or two. Find out more here.


Hundreds of companies need your opinion on their products and will pay you for it. You can even get full size products to test (and keep!). Find out how to join these research panels.


Millions of people use the internet as a research tool, and many will happily pay for this information. Find out how you can earn from your own expertise.


How many times a day do you search online? Find out about the many companies that will pay you to use their search engine.


Find out how easy it is to start earning with eBay. Includes a glossary of terms plus information on where to find products to sell.


Earn from visiting websites, making purchases, playing games entering competitions etc.etc.

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