Make Money Online

Make Money Online

Make Money Online

Although most ideas for you to make money online require you to have your own website, there are many ways to earn without one. Below are a few ideas.

If you’d like to get paid for providing content on websites, be it reviews, reports or other information on how to make money online.

Make Money Online with Market Research

Market Research Sign up with the following companies and get paid, in cash or points, for completing surveys

If you enjoy getting paid to complete surveys but hate waiting months to qualify for a payment then Valued Opinions is definitely worth a look. They generally pay at least £1-£2 per survey, and you can claim your reward when you reach just £10, in the form of vouchers for Amazon or a selection of high street stores. At the moment I’m getting a voucher nearly ever month usually for little more than watching draft TV ads or planned product ideas and giving an opinion. Sign up now and you also have the chance to win an iPod Nano, just for registering.

Every user who registers at Emailinform gets automatic entry into the £10,000 prize draw. At the end of the sign-up survey, you get immediate access to a rewards page with the latest discounts, offers and prizes. After this, you can return to the rewards page as often as you like to take up the latest offers, without having to go through the registration again.

Incentives to date have included free holidays, 3G video phones, book and music discounts, shopping vouchers and a host of other lifestyle-related offers. require regular contributions for opinion polls, often on behalf of national newspapers on topical matters. They usually pay 50p or £1 for each survey, but some are prize polls awarding up to £500. Generally they e-mail you when surveys are available – usually about once a week. You also earn 100% of the earnings of anyone you refer for 3 months eg if your brother signs up and completes 14 surveys paying £1 each he earns £14 and so do you.

For a longer list of companies paying you to complete surveys, go to the survey page.

Make Money Online with Incentive Programs

Many companies on line encourage loyalty in the same way as high street stores by offering incentives in the form of cash, gifts or vouchers to join other websites, shop online etc. Whilst there are dozens of incentive programs, concentrate your efforts on one or two of them and you can qualify for substantial gifts or cash payments. Below are two of the best but others worth considering are detailed on our incentives page.

ipoints is a well established incentive scheme where you earn points from your own on-line shopping plus points for visiting sites, completing surveys and reading e-mails. Earn from purchases of computer products, books, CDs, videos, insurance, flowers, electrical goods and more and choose from a list of products including high street gift vouchers, flight vouchers, and vouchers or products from the associate companies including music systems and games consoles.

There are always loads of free points available. I’ve earned myself DVD’s, CD’s and a music system so far almost without buying anything, and I’ve almost got enough for a games console.

MutualPoints rewards its members with points, exchangeable for cash when they shop online. Receive points when you register and more when you shop with over 500 top sites including: Amazon, ebay, Tesco, John Lewis, Argos & Dell, plus at least 5 points for every e-mail you action (usually at least 1 a day), and daily points for making searches (5 points per search) etc.

Current offers include

* 750 points when you accept a free dvd rental trial
* 375 points for home improvement enquiries
* 150 points for join a survey panel
* 1500 points for a credit card application

3000 points gets you a £20 cheque. I’ve received a few of these. Sign up to MutualPoints now and you’ll also earn a free entry into a new car prize draw, plus 300 points (worth £2) to get you started.


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