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Focus Research and Marketing

Focus Research and Marketing

If you’ve decided to set up your own business working from home and have perhaps studied one of the many marketing courses showing you how to sell online – the one thing you’ll need above all else is a PRODUCT to sell

That’s where Product brokers like Focus Research and Marketing come in. Focus Research provide start up business with an opportunity to tap into the world of product licensing.

It works like this.

Focus Research and Marketing (FRM) scour the world for companies looking to license products that they have developed. These product development companies offer you, through FRM, a license to one of their products for a relatively modest license fee. You as the licensee then have the right to sell as many copies of the product as you wish – and, as Focus Research point out, you keep 100% of the profits you make.

“The beauty of this business “ according to Focus Research and Marketing “is that if someone knows the basics of marketing – but has no experience in putting products together – they can now get access to some great licenses – so they can be up and running quickly”

In fact, to help their clients get up and running even faster – FRM also provide their clients with readymade website template pages. These can be tweaked by the business owner as required. You can literally take these pages, open your website the same day – and then as you progress, you can spend time rebranding the website.

FRM also provide readymade artwork – pictures and graphics – for the products. “So if you purchase, for example as license to a DVD set” say FRM “you get web pages, covers for the DVD cases and labels, and a set of Master discs to duplicate copies form – together with a license in your name confirming your right to sell the products and keep the profits.

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Focus Research and Marketing new subscription plan for product licensing

UK product brokers Focus Research and Marketing have just launched a new subscription plan for 2011 – which gives businesses access to niche market DVD product licenses at sensible prices.

FRM told us “Start-up businesses often fall down through not being able to find licensed products of the right quality but at tan affordable price.” According to FRM licenses to products can often be offered to the market ate sums up to $100,000 plus – clearly out of reach for most start-ups.

However god news for these start-ups – FRM are offering a range of specially commissioned DVD products via a simple subscription plan.

“For a modest subscription of £197 a month ” say FRM ” start-up businesses and small independent operators, perhaps working from home, can access to world of product licensing without having to raise huge sums of finance.

For the subscription FRM provide a set of new DVds each month – on a range of specialist niche markets that FRM have identified as having some market potential for the business owner. FRM also provide Master discs so that you can run off copies yourself – or Focus Research and Marketing have various firms they can recommend who will do it for you. Focus Research also provide a ready made website page for the product so you can be up and running quickly. (And for non-techies – Focus Research provide a step by step DVD showing exactly how to add your business details and how to set up the site to make sure you receive your customer’s payments)

Finally you also get a great series of Modules showing how to market products online too.

For anyone starting a home based business, this licensing subscription form Focus Research and Marketing is a great way to get started. More details at:


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