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Free Business Opportunities

One comment often made is “If I had the money to join up, I wouldn’t be looking for ways to earn money”. Well you don’t always need to pay to join up, with many companies offering free entry to their business without even a requirement to use their products. They’ll often even provide you with a free replica website to use, complete with online ordering.

I must add at this point that you will be far more successful if you believe in the products or services you are promoting. If you haven’t tried them, how can you really convince others to buy? Having said that, you can easily wait until you have your first commission cheque so that you’re not out of pocket if you’re on a really tight budget. And remember you’ll often earn commission on your own purchases as well.

Just because it costs nothing to join, don’t make the mistake of signing up for everything. Choose one or two that appeal to you and promote them as hard as your time and budget allow. You can use free online advertising but if your budget allows, move away from the Internet and advertise in newspapers, magazines, message boards etc. For more information on advertising take a look at the advertising page

This site deals primarily with UK opportunities, although some may also be available in other countries. As the following opportunities are all web based with your own web site, (which may or may not be personalised) they can all be accessed worldwide but the product itself may only be applicable in the UK. If you are based outside the UK, please click here for the international site, if you can’t find what you’re looking for on this page.
First Website Builder

Whether or not your chosen business provides you with a free replica website, you will have considerably more success if you create your own site, which needn’t be more than one page, telling people about the product in your own words.

What could be better then than a book telling a complete beginner how to create a website from scratch in just a couple of days without spending any money. First Website Builder does exactly that. Written in 4 parts, 3 are by acknowledged internet experts but the main part is written by a complete beginner in 48 hours from the information provided by the others.

UPDATE – This package has now been updated to include a 24 part HTML Course and such website building tools as a gizmo wizard which enables you to add special effects in just a few clicks, a mini site wizard for creating a no-frills mini site in minutes and a website encryption wizard which allows you to encrypt everything on your new Website to stop content thieves and spammers.

As a reseller for the Newbie Club who produced this e-book you get your own free replica website, including the opportunity to download specimen chapters, and earn 35% on all sales made through your site, so if you want your own copy of the guide you save an immediate 35% on the usual price.

Other products for sale through your site include e-booklets on MS Word and keyboard shortcuts, and the highly acclaimed “Windows for Newbies.” available on CD or for download.

For more details about the products on offer, and the free reseller program go to


Free Advertising

Vivastreet – is a completely free, very active, online classified ads site, with a site specifically for the UK. Sites are also available for many other countries around the world including USA, Western Europe and South America.

You can place your ad in a wide range of categories including “MLM – Work from Home” and “Other Part-Time Jobs” if you’re looking to recruit others, a wide range of service categories if you want to advertise your services and sales categories to sell your wares. You can also include a photograph, web link and contact details.

Free eBooks – At SureFireWealth.com every Free Member product comes with Full Give Away Rights… use them for your own benefit or as free bonuses for new subscribers to your newsletter, mailing list, or to attract attention to your advertising of other products, services etc.

Optional silver and gold packages provide access to additional software and eBooks with resell rights, many of which are brand new 2005 releases, not products that have been doing the rounds for years. Get instant access to dozens of software, ebook and resell packages and hundreds of professionally designed website and banner templates! New products added regularly.
Telephone Calls

If you’re still using BT to make all your phone calls, the chances are you’re paying more than you need to.

Now you have the chance to sign up free of charge to Equitalk to make savings on your own calls and also earn commission on all the phone calls made by anyone you sign up. Equitalk pay you 5% of the bills of the people you introduce, but better still they pay you 2% of bills of the people your referrals introduce and 1% for a further two levels ! PLUS They are currently offering a £10 bonus for each new account you introduce.

Not only can you save up to 50% on national calls (or more with their flat rate monthly packages), up to 91% on international calls (one flat rate so you can call at any time of day) and make calls to mobiles from only 2.24p a minute without changing your phone number, but you get online itemised billing so you can check how much you’ve spent anytime just by logging into your account.

If you’d like more details go to http://www.Equitalk.co.uk/default.asp?refid=LPQ735

STOP PRESS!! Now all calls between Equitalk customers are FREE!!


UK and International opportunity to sell a wide range of health products through your own free website, without having to meet huge monthly sales targets to get paid. Just one purchase from your site each month qualifies you for commission on your sales and those of your downline, but if you don’t make a sale in a month your sponsor gets your commission for that month only.

Simple commission structure and free to join.

Products include a wide range of vitamins and minerals plus more unusual products, including those for relieving specific illnesses like arthritis, ulcers and prostate problems.

For more information visit their UK/European site at or the US site at hwize.us .

COMING SOON – 100% pure, certified Organic, Mangosteen, Acai, Goji and Yumberry juices.

Internet Success Blueprint

“Internet Success Blueprint” was written specifically to help Internet beginners start making money online. It’s a complete guide to starting a profitable home business on the Internet, on a shoestring.

In “Internet Success Blueprint” you’ll learn all the step-by-step details you need to start writing and selling info-products online, including a really easy way to create e-books by picking someone else’s brains.

As a reseller you get your own free replica site and earn 50% on all sales of the guide (including your own purchase)

For more details go to http://scamfreezone.com/t.cgi/134676

Create Web Pages In Minutes – A Step by Step Guide for Beginners

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This Introduction to HTML includes such topics as:

* The Basics – Creating your first web page
* Links – Linking to other pages
* Inserting Images
* Changing Backgrounds
* Using Tables
* Using Frames

Plus quick reference charts for all the HTML and Colour codes you’ll need


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