Freelance Work

Freelance Work

Freelance Work

Working freelance is an option that appeals to both workers and employers. Whilst the advantages for an employer can be seen as disadvantages to a freelance worker (only paid when work is available; tax, N.I dealt with by the freelancer) the advantages – such as the chance to choose when and where to work (especially from home, at hours to suit) can make this an attractive proposition.

Many occupations can fall into this category, especially when particular skills are required. For example a publisher may only require technical expertise twice a year, and would not wish to take on full time staff , instead prefering to hire freelancers as required.

DISCIPLINE YOURSELF – AND OTHERS! – FOR HAPPY HOMEWORKING – A report on sucessfully working from home by Clive Simmonds. Be sure to read this report whether you’re already working from home, or are just considering your options.

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QNA Surveys

Whilst not available to everyone, if you’re an IT or Business professional in any business sector (includes most people running their own business) one site I’d strongly recommend is QNA. Once you join QNA, every survey you take earns a financial reward. You can either collect it personally in the form of Amazon or Virgin vouchers or donate it to one of their partner charities. Unlike other sites where you might wait weeks for payments, you can expect to receive your Amazon vouchers within an hour of completion (working hours only) with Virgin vouchers being posted out to you the next day! The one I completed yesterday has already paid me £5 and took no more than a couple of minutes to complete.

An online survey will carry an incentive of £5 or £10 (the typical online survey will be worth £10) with telephone surveys paying £5 to £10 and face-to-face interviews or focus groups offering a reward of £25 to £75

As a member your name is placed in the QNA Monthly Draw – whether you have completed a survey in that month or not. The prize is usually a typical “must-have” techno-gadget such as the latest iPod.

Find out more from


Whatever your skills, you need clients to become a successful freelancer. This free 10 part e-mail course shows you step by step how to create and market a website to generate business whether you are looking for clients around the world or around the corner. Also available as an instantly downloadable e-book for both Windows and Mac users. Click here for more details.

MyHammer – Save on advertising costs and grow your business with MyHammer

Whether you are a plumber, electrician, carpenter, decorator or gardener have jobs for nearly every industry. Once you’ve registered for free, simply enter your location and profession e.g. Manchester, plasterer, and browse the jobs in your area.

You can even sign up for their “job radar” and you’ll receive alerts everytime a relevant job is posted.

With thousands of new jobs per month in 27 categories, whether you are a specialist or a general handyman there’s a good chance they’ll have a job for you. You can then choose to quote for those jobs – for FREE. No advertising costs – You only pay a small fee when you have won a job!

If you win the job then simply complete it and let the customer rate your work. Let your reputation speak for itself. is a new generation online marketplace matching freelance or self-employed professionals with project work, usually in small or medium-sized businesses (SME’s).

A typical SME will have many different projects on the go but insufficient in-house resources or skills to do them all. Many of them cannot justify a full-time role, and are reluctant to recruit too fast. Equally, they don’t want to employ temp or contracting agencies who charge hefty fees.

A skilled individual charging an hourly or fixed project rate is the perfect solution – but where do they find someone like you that can be trusted to do the job? was created to address that problem. The site now features thousands of registered service providers covering skills from IT to Admin Support to Photography, Legal & Accounting, Translation work etc., all of whom are ready to bid for business. Each registered freelancer receives user ratings and the system enables potential employers to make well informed, unbiased selections. To register as a service provider or to post a project, visit was started in February 2004 and is today one of the top players in the online freelance area. As a freelancer you can choose among hundreds of outsourced projects. Free to join. Below are a few current projects.

The following are suggestions of jobs that come into these categories. If I have omitted something that interests you, e-mail me, and I’ll add a new category.

BOOKS Check out some of the best books around for ideas and advice for starting out COMPUTING

Be it designing web sites, repairing computers or computer programming, there are many ways to work from home.


If you have an eye for detail, then this could be for you. Click on the link above for details of the work involved, together with recommended reading, courses and contact points. There’s even a short test to see how observant you are.


Writing doesn’t have to mean blockbuster novels, although it is said that there’s a novel inside all of us. Click above for details of how to get started, suggested reading materials, contact points and writing courses. There’s also a page for writing for children


If you are fluent in English and a second language, this is the option for you. Listed here are several agencies and companies both in UK and worldwide that will consider adding you to their books. Plus tips on increasing your chances and details of a free translators’ newsletter.


Whether you’re looking for teaching work from home, or looking to escape from teaching, you’ll find suggestions here


Many companies are simply not large enough to require full time secretarial staff. Tips on hiring yourself out , either on a regular basis to several companies in your area, or tasks like production of C.V’s, typing student dissertations etc.


Demand has never been greater for quality photographs. Find out how and where you can earn from photography.


Companies are much more conscious of the importance of customer opinions and many agencies have sprung up requiring researchers to check out shops, offices and anywhere that staff come into contact with their customers. Learn how to make the most of the opportunities available or how to get snapped up by the agencies. Includes a selection of companies looking for researchers to test out websites.


Find out how to make a success of a career in the film and TV industry. Includes training, advice, vacancies and free information on becoming an extra


Find out how to make a success of a career in the music industry


If nothing above takes your fancy, what about artwork, photography, housework, catering, hairdressing etc. A few more ideas are listed here.


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