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Home Publishing

Since the introduction of the personal computers, home publishing has become one of the easiest and cheapest businesses to get into. If you already have a computer and reasonable quality printer (preferably laser but inkjet is sufficient), then once you’ve purchased your products for no more than a few pounds, your only costs are marketing and printing. In many cases you don’t even need to print your own copies, merely forward the orders to the author who will deliver direct from source for a small fee. Alternatively you can provide information on audio cassette, and will then only require a twin deck system.

Information has long been one of THE biggest and fastest selling products to sell. Look at the millions of newspapers, magazines and books sold EVERY day in the UK alone.

The majority of manuals come with reproduction and resell rights, which means that you can freely copy them and resell them for big profits, although copyright will remain with the author. Alternatively, you may act as an agent for the author, earn a commission on every sale.

How to Get Started

For a three page report on getting started in home publishing, just send me an e-mail. Whilst not a recent report, most of the information remains timeless.

Is there anything you know about from a hobby or a job that you think others would be interested in ? Well why not make your own informational product ? For the first time LogicWorks are able to offer an extensive 11 part DVD course explaining every aspect of how to make your own ‘How To’ product using your own camcorder – or one you have borrowed.

They can even help you sell your product when it’s ready!

HBC Members Club

If you’re looking to run a business from home you’re not going to get very far without products or services to sell, and regular advertising. Now for a small monthly payment, starting at just £5, you can receive bonuses of up to 100% on advertising, mailing lists, printing and design services as well as publications and software.
The HBC Members Club offer you free ongoing advertising on their website, a copy of Home Business Choices every month, the very latest “opportunity seeker” mailing list labels and an informative “no holds barred” club newsletter. It then adds a bonus every month to your subscription fee to spend on any of their products and services – eg. join at £30 a month and they’ll add £30 to your account. You can also enhance your income further simply by telling others how to take advantage of these same discounts.

You can see a recent issue of Home Business Choices in Acrobat format at which includes full club details together with many of the products available to you and will give you an idea of the promotional services they offer. This may take a while to load if you have a dial-up connection.

Should you wish to join, but not have the necessary software to print out the application form on the final page or have any further questions, e-mail me and I’ll either send you a copy as an e-mail attachment or post out a copy if you include a postal address.

Free eBooks

At every Free Member product comes with Full Give Away Rights… use them for your own benefit or as free bonuses for new subscribers to your newsletter, mailing list, or to attract attention to your advertising of other products, services etc.

Optional silver and gold packages provide access to additional software and eBooks with resell rights, many of which are brand new 2005 releases, not products that have been doing the rounds for years. Get instant access to dozens of software, ebook and resell packages and hundreds of professionally designed website and banner templates! New products added regularly.

Where to Advertise

By far the cheapest and easiest way to start out is to take out a subscription to one of the many good business opportunities magazines around. As well as getting details of the latest material available, a subscription also give you free or greatly discounted advertising. Check out the publications page for a few names.

You should also consider placing classified ads in your local paper or adsheet. The manual you buy is likely to come with an advertising flyer which can give you some idea of the wording to use.

If you have the money a small classified ad in Exchange and Mart may be worth considering. In addition to reaching all the people that buy a copy to find what they’re looking for, the company now produce a free monthly business supplement which includes all the ads from the month. A 30 word ad costs £31 for one week, or £85 for four weeks. If you make an average of £10 profit on each item you wouldn’t need many sales to cover this cost, and you still have the enquirers’ details for future mailing.

More expensive, but potentially more effective is direct mail – sending information by post to selected people. You can buy mailing lists of people looking for business opportunites for just a few pounds. See below for recommended companies.

A cheaper alternative is print and mail, whereby other companies will include your advertising flyers in with their mailshots. See below for details of companies providing this service.

What to Sell

Depending on your own existing facilities, you can choose to sell printed manuals or sell the products on floppy disk, CD ROM or audio cassette. With CD ROM writers now becoming standard on new PCs you no longer need to provide information on 5 or 6 floppies but on just 1 CD at the cost of under a pound.

The more different formats you can offer your clients the more successful you are likely to be.

Obvious products to start with are those that teach you about the business you are entering into. Click on any of the titles below to get further details.

All orders should be sent to Lynne O’Connor, 91B Acton Lane, London NW10 8UT, unless specified. Specify titles and format required. You don’t need to use individual application forms.

If you wish to purchase more than one guide e-mail me with your requirements for details of discounts available.

Take a look at the Turning Point Home Publisher’s CD which has about 80,000 pages of information and ready to run shareware, fully indexed for just £20. For further detail, click here.

SPECIAL OFFER – Buy “Secrets of a Home Publisher” (see below) and get a free copy of the Home Publisher’s CD

Make It Happen

One frequent question I’m asked is about the nuts and bolts of running a business – choosing and setting up a business, finding customers, promotion and of course legal aspects like tax, national insurance, data protection and VAT. This new 6 part British course explains all these matters in a simple, easy to understand way and is written by UK-based mail order professionals who have been operating full-time successful home based businesses for many years.

Full resell rights included. Full details and application form available from or e-mail for a copy.

Type Your Way to Profit including reproduction and reseller rights.

Comprehensive guide to setting up a typing service – from learning to type and getting clients to what to charge and legal matters.

Multiply Your Way to Riches by Avril Harper – includes reproduction and reseller rights

Extremely comprehensive guide to setting up your own business with loads of different ideas and contact addresses. Nearly 150 pages long.

Niche Products Pack – Don’t forget that millions of people have other interests. This collection of 11 eBooks covers a wide range of popular topics including health and fitness, craftwork, diets and recipes, weddings and organic gardening amongst others. All books come with their own promotional sales page and can be sold individually or packaged in any way you wish. I’ve tested out a few on eBay with very good results. Find out more at

For a limited time only, I’m offering the complete pack for just £19.99 instead of the usual $97.

STOP PRESS – New niche collection added. Over 4000 recipes in 21 eBooks. See
Create Your Own Reports

There is no reason why you shouldn’t create and sell your own reports, rather than those written by others, and maybe being sold by dozens of other people.

The following guides are highly recommended:

Internet Success Blueprint was written specifically to help Internet beginners start making money online. It’s a complete guide to starting a profitable home business on the Internet, on a shoestring.

In it you’ll learn all the step-by-step details you need to start writing and selling info-products online, including a really easy way to create e-books by picking someone else’s brains.

However what makes this particular guide different from others, and exceptional value for money, in addition to being an excellent guide, are the extras included in the price.

In addition to the manual itself, you get

* 3 quick time movies which explain the more advanced sections of the guide,
* Smart, Personalized Autoresponder Script
* a report on maximising sales through the use of autoresponders
* Impact lessons – more secrets and hints about Internet marketing
* Nineteen Original Newsletter Articles

plus there’s free, unlimited help from the author by email. If you get stuck, or need some advice from the guy who “wrote the book”, just email him and he’ll get back to you the same day with an answer.

And if you’re wondering about a U.S. bias, it’s been written by a British guy who spent several years in America so covers both angles.

If that isn’t enough it comes with an unconditional no questions asked, 1 year money back guarantee

All this and it still only costs $27!!

You can get more details including the full table of contents from

Make Your Knowledge Sell has to be the most comprehensive guide written on the subject, covering everything from choosing your subject and producing your masterpiece, through to marketing it and automating the sales process. I can’t possibly do it justice in just a few words so visit the site for further information.

Secrets of a Home Publisher is a newly updated A4 manual crammed full of ideas for your product together with sales and advertising advice and insider secrets. UK publication written by a publisher who’s sold thousands of copies of his own home published products. You can find full details about this publication here.

Now includes a free copy of “The Turning Point Home Publisher’s CD” currently on sale elsewhere on this site for £20.

Why every Internet business should have its own product – Read this article on ebooks, and find out how to compile your own e-books.
Ebook Covers

Whilst there is no tangible product involved with a download, most successful ebooks use a picture of a cover, but why?

There’s more to it than just a mere picture… Sure, pictures sell. They can deliver a professional image about the company and the offer. They can also give something for the customer to “assess” it. But a good, three-dimensional picture is even better! A three-dimensional picture can:

Increase pageviews by 300% — people tend to surf further into websites (and return more often to websites) that carry three-dimensional pictures… They make the experience REAL! Increase actions by 200% — whether they are clickthroughs, downloads, responses, signups, subscriptions, phone calls, emails, form-fillouts and, of course, sales! Increase time spent at the site by 50% — today, a “sticky” site is a profitable one! When people return and refer others to your site, your chances of making the sale are higher! Lower refunds, returns and cancellations — by giving as much information about the product (and making it real to the customer), customers get a better understanding before they buy!

Without doubt, then you are greatly reducing your chances of success if you don’t have a cover for your book, but at the same time, unless you are highly experienced, creating your own covers can result in an amateurish attempt that can actually do more damage. Luckily though there is an easily affordable alternative. Dynamic Covers offer a cover that’s unique, catchy and crafted just for you by a highly talented team of graphic designers who also have a great deal of experience in business and marketing.

However, what makes this company stand out is that in addition to producing highly professional covers, but they also throw in a huge array of bonus products to almost guarantee a successful launch to your book. Amongst others these include free advertising, free tracking and a free autoresponder.
Promoting Your Ebook

There’s little point spending time creating a wonderful product if nobody knows about it. Many of the following sites allow you to list both free and paid products.

* – Directory of Ecourses and Ebooks
* – Social Bookmarking site that enables you to share and promote all your favorite ebook-related websites
* – Free ebook download library
* Free eBook Miners – Free ebooks for everyone, free ebook distribution for authors.
* – One of the largest directories of e-books
* Jogena’s – eBook and eZine Directories – Get Listed Today!
* – library of free ebooks online
* Wisdom ebooks – A comprehensive directory of ebooks

Mailing Lists

If you want to try direct mail, you will need to have a good mailing list. Make sure you choose an appropriate list eg business opportunity seekers, and understand where the company are getting their names from. Only buy from companies that use names from their own files, or verifiable sources. Exchange and Mart regularly carry ads from several companies in this sector.

Companies worth considering, particularly for smaller quantities (click on company name for more details)are listed below. Some of these also offer a free agency with your list, enabling you to obtain or sell lists at greatly discounted prices:

HOME BUSINESS WORLD – amazing offer of 600 names of opportunity seekers for just £5 plus 5 x 1st class stamps, and the opportunity to sell lists yourself, keeping the £5 and sending off the stamps.

Buy opt in UK email addresses from Business Mailing UK for as little as 1p per address
Print and Mail

Print and Mail works in a similar way to direct mail, but rather than bearing all the expense yourself, your information is sent out in an envelope with flyers of another 5 – 8 companies, enabling the costs to be split between several people. Usually you just send one copy of your flyer and all printing is carried out by the print and mail company, although some do offer an option to do the mailing only if you supply the flyers already printed. Don’t overlook the cost of sending your flyers if you choose this option.

Generally the envelopes are mailed to business opportunity seekers so this is more effective if you are looking to recruit distributors or selling services that will appeal to other business operators, or potential business owners.

Check out the following:

Elite Publications – From £7 for 100 single sided A5 sheets. Full details from V. Turner, Elite Publications, 6 Yew Tree Walk, Knottingly, WF11 0QB or e-mail postaltrader at

S and C Business Advertiser – starting at just £15.00 for 250 A5 Single sided sheets

Profit From Home Magazine – Starting at £4.50 for 100 single sided sheets to be mailed with the next issue of the magazine (includes a copy of the magazine). Full details available from PFHM (P&M), 132 Peel Street, Rochdale, OL12 6PS or e-mail pfhm at

Many of the above companies also offer a mailing service if you already have flyers for distribution and don’t require the mailing service.


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