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Julian Patterson the Cash Business

Julian Patterson the Cash Business

If you work at home running your own business – and you’re looking to add more products – Julian Patterson is a person you’ll want to look at, and you’ll see why he is called Julian Patterson the Cash Business Generator by his private clients

Julian Patterson is a Broker who brings to the table an interesting option for existing businesses who don’t have the time or the funds to research and develop new products. Julian Patterson provides access to product owners who are prepared to license their products to other businesses.

“Think about it” says Julian Patterson “If a guy has already developed a product, but maybe isn’t good at marketing himself, if you could get your hands on a license to that product…a license that would let you sell as many copies as you want and keep all the money, you can add to your bottom line quickly”

The products that Julian Patterson provides access to tend to be low cost but very high margin products, such as DVD and CD discs, printed books, manuals and newsletters, software programs etc. “Any of these” says Julian Patterson “ are highly suited to home based businesses as they can be duplicated ‘on demand’. In other words – your customer sends you an order – you run off a copy and post it to them. Simple!”

According to Julian Patterson there are two basic type of license – exclusive and non-exclusive. “Non exclusive will be the one to get – as the costs are so much lower than a deal where you get complete exclusivity to the product worldwide. There is no way a product owner would sell you an exclusive license cheaply” says Julian Patterson.

“In fact exclusive licenses can change hands for $hundreds of thousands of dollars. But a non-exclusive license allows you to pick one up for far less.” Says Julian Patterson.

In fact Julian Patterson has recently started offering, by invitation only, a few existing business people the opportunity to get access to some DVD licenses as part of a subscription plan to cut down ‘up-front’ costs. Called Julian Patterson The Cash Business he offers to send you DVDs aimed at little niche markets – one per month so that over a year you build a portfolio of niche websites. In fact Julian Patterson also provides readymade webpages too, to compliment the DVDs.

If you get an invitation to join him, you’ll see why according to Julian Patterson the cash business can generate is so high compared to the nominal monthly subscription.


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