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If you are looking for resources and advice on ways to make money for yourself – perhaps as a second income, something you can do part time, or perhaps as something that you can start up now and gradually build yourself a sustainable business that will provide a full time income – this is the site for you.

With so much economic uncertainty, more and more ordinary people like you and I are now asking questions about the way they run their financial lives – and looking for alternatives, to provide a more secure financial situation for ourselves and our families. If you are looking for a way to make money, there are a host of different ways to do it:


You might want to consider a franchise for example - where in effect you buy into an existing business model for a lump sum, allowing you to make money by following a tried and tested business system, to reduce the risks for you. However, you’ll want to also consider the relatively high costs of entry to this type of money making venture. For example, a modest franchise of the ‘white van’ type -typically comes in at around £15,000 and franchises can go into the £hundreds of thousands for the food related shops like Pizza, Burgers, Fried Chicken etc.

Readymade businesses for sale:

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If following someone else’s business model – and having to religiously stick to their recipe for business and their corporate colours etc to make money…not to mention paying a % of your profits to the Master company too, each month – then you might want to consider the alternative of buying an existing business. Do a Google search and you’ll find hundreds of websites offering existing businesses for sale by the owner or through an agency.

But beware. Often business are advertised as having ‘plenty of scope for improvement by the new owner’. Yet in many cases this is simply intended to excite the purchaser about ‘possible’ profits that could be conjured up – when in fact the business for the past few years has not been doing too well at all.

So – do your homework carefully when buying an existing business or you may not make money.

Beware the Get Rich Quick Schemes:

You might also have seen all the ‘Get Rich Quick’ schemes around. There are hundreds of them all offering to show you how to make money easily and quickly. From pure crazy ideas to out-and-out scams run by unscrupulous people only after you hard earned money.

For example, beware of people offering you a way to make money assembling craft items at home. In this classic scam – you are asked to send off money for your ‘kit’ with a promise to buy back form you all of the items you make. Often though the buyer fails to pay, making excuses about the quality of your work or whatever – and you are left out of pocket.

There are also self-appointed Internet Marketing ‘mentors’ – people who have joined a pyramid type MLM scheme – where they become your mentor and make money by selling you products on which they earn a commission. YOU are then recruited to sell the products to – also for a commission – and you are expected to also claim to be a mentor and approach others to similarly buy products so that you – and the guy above you – also make money.

Now these schemes work for the top few people who do actually make money. But as the levels go deeper it gets more and more difficult to get customers for yourself – and therefore you tend not to make money yourself on commission sales.

Start a Home Based Business

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As a great alternative to setting up a Burger shop or driving a white van with a franchisee logo on the side – you might like to follow in the footsteps of others who have started their own home based business. After all, if you want to make money – why not ‘copy’ someone who is already doing it. That of course is the franchise model too – but by learning how someone does something then copying it, you get to set up your own independent business, rather than becoming a corporate clone.

Often working on a PC or laptop, at the kitchen table or in the spare room, these Home Based Entrepreneurs generally nowadays make money for themselves, using the internet.

Among the top UK Home businesses - many success stories will be found of people selling information products – such as DVDs, CDs, Book and manuals. Boasting huge profit margins, the information product business is ideal for anyone wanting to start from scratch. If you manage to talk to one for the UKs home business people, you’ll get to learn a brilliant business model. Think about it for a moment. Take DVDs for example. You buy a blank DVD for around 35p. You run off a copy of something onto it - and sell it for upwards of £50!! Now that’s a profit margin you’re not going to get flipping burgers or kneading dough for Pizzas.

Start-up costs are low and once you’ve learned the ropes and set everything up, the business can pretty much take care if itself – leaving you more time to do other things while your little autopilot business works away in the background to make money for you.

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Posted by: Becca Westfield

Time: 3 days ago

Thanks for the great advice. I’ve been looking for something that would make me enough money to replace my job at work. Glad I didn’t pick a franchise :-)

Posted by: Alex

Time: 4 days ago

Where do I find out how to make money at home. It sounds a great idea but I wouldn’t know where to start.  Thanx.

Posted by: Admin

Time: 4 days ago

There are a few courses around that can help you. There’s a free DVD offered at the top of the site which might help you too.

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