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Mums Make Money Working From Home

Mums Make Money Working From HomeJane Somner, has just released a brand new FREE DVD for anyone wanting to make money at home and looking for inspiration. Inspiration indeed – as Jane has found a way to work from home at her kitchen table and pull in an average of over £5,000 a week. In her new DVD which is absolutely FREE to anyone wanting to work from home, you’ll see Jane being interviewed about how she and her husband work from home a few hours a week and yet have banked over £1.1million in around 4 years.

In fact once they had stumbled across a way to work from home using their old computer, selling mainly DVD and CD products that they get online, Jane decided to focus her attention on building a sustainable business which would make money online whilst being able to work from home meant she could also look after her family.

Learn How to Work From Home and Make Money

Thanks to a training course she stumbled across a few years ago, she learned a system fro making money called ‘Cash on Demand’ which allows her to work from home at her kitchen table with hours to suit her other family commitments. “Being a full time Mum yet also being able to bring on over £5,000 a week by being able to work from home has completely changed our lives” says Jane “Without the Cash On Demand course we never would have been in this position of financial stability.”

From a standing start, having taken the decision to work from home, Jane’s first project brought in over £87,958.61 in just 7 weeks!! That’s grown to over £1.1 million now …a huge change from the £40,000 debts they had clocked up running a more traditional business dealing with telesales for accountants. Back then they had staff, a large building to pay for and Jane is openly admits that sometimes she actually earned less than the staff as the business was going downhill. That’s changed when they made the decision to work from home for themselves with no staff, no office, no overheads.

Want to learn how to work from home? You can get Jane’s new free DVD here

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Mums Make Money Working From Home
Andrew Reynolds shows you ways to make money at home in your spare time or perhaps start a full time business which will allow you to work from home
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