Internet Home Working Directory April 2005 Newsletter

Internet Home Working Directory April 2005 Newsletter

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1. News

Welcome to the latest issue of the Home Working Ideas newsletter, the monthly publication which gives you all the latest news from the UK on ways of earning money from home.

Survey Site

It seems that Easter is the start of a period of major marketing activity as I’ve been receiving dozens of survey invitations daily for the last few weeks, earning £5-£10 a day at one point, and although it’s taken me a while is finally up and running. Completing surveys remains one of the more popular ways of earning from home, so this month I’ve been gathering together all the information that I couldn’t fit onto and have compiled a directory of over 200 international paid survey sites, including 5 full pages of UK sites alone. There’s sure to be a few you haven’t come across.

Low Cost Advertising

Having created a new site, I was keen to get as many visitors as possible, as soon as possible without spending too much money so I’ve been trying out some of the various paid e-mail sites and have been seriously impressed with not only the response rates, but with the detailed statistics available in some cases. What makes these especially attractive is that you can generate the money to pay for, or get discounts on, advertising just by being a member, often with no minimum redemption level. Three I particularly recommend are:

IPTL – This site offers the best targeting I’ve come across – geography, age, interests, sex, etc. and allows you to clearly analyse which categories give you the best response. For example I sent an e-mail to 1000 members of this site, targeting only those from Australia, Canada and the UK and not only did I get an incredible 42% click through rate (no financial incentive to click through) but I could see that 45% of women clicked through as opposed to 38% of men and that 45% of Australians visited the site compared with 40% of Canadians and that 61% of 39 year olds visited. This makes it so much easier to target the exact sector that is interested in my site. As a member of the site you can use up to 50% of your earnings towards payment, and as they are currently offering a “2 for the price of 1” promotion, this has to be one of the best places to advertise online. You can get full details from

Opt-in-pays – Long standing paid e-mail site offers the choice between paid links on the site and paid e-mails sent to members. At present I’ve only tried out the paid links but have had great results. The first few members to click on your link are paid 3 cents to visit, and are likely to be clicking only because they are being paid. However once funds have been used up, your ad link remains and you continue to get visits from interested members. Results will vary, but generally I’m receiving around 200-400 unincentivised visitors for each $5 spent. Not only can you use your own earnings to pay for links, but when you do so, there’s a minimum order of just $0.50 so even if you’ve only earned a tiny amount you can still place an ad to test it out. Full details available from

Compdough – Earnings generated through this site can only be used for advertising so you can be sure that those receiving your ads aren’t doing so for the money they can earn, but are active on the Internet and open to new opportunities. With this site you earn credits from reading e-mails and visiting sites and then use the income to send your own e-mails or place links on the site. I’ve used this site several times to promote several different sites and have always made a return on my investment (had I been using real money) and of course you can always pay the conventional way for advertising.

2. Featured Publication

Affiliate Money Tree

OK, I get the message! You want to work from home but you just don’t fancy creating your own website no matter how much help is available. Well this month, I think I’ve found the solution – earning commission from online sales without having your own website.

Affiliate Money Tree is the brainchild of Mike Delrue who earns an incredible 5 figure sum every month doing just that, and in this handbook he not only sets out exactly how to go about it, but he even gives you the list of profitable keywords he uses to achieve it and shows you where to get nearly £1000 worth of free “pay per click” advertising. The handbook also comes with a host of additional marketing resources and of course the no-strings 90 day guarantee. You’ll find full details at

3. Featured Business Opportunity

Forever Living Products

If you’re looking to join an existing business, rather than start out on your own, there are always several factors to consider but most experts agree that your best chance of success is with a business that has been going for at least 5 years and offers consumable products. With widespread international usage of the internet, additional advantages are online sales and recruitment, and worldwide availability. One business to tick all the right boxes is Forever Living Products. Formed 27 years ago in the USA, they’ve now been operating from the UK for 12 years and sell to 106 countries worldwide through their network of distributors. With the emphasis in health now being towards natural products from identifiable sources, the fact that they are the world’s largest grower, manufacturer and distributor of aloe vera and aloe-based products and produce the world’s largest supply of bee products makes their products highly attractive. Take a look at for more information.

4. Featured Freebies

Spam Filtering

Over Easter, through circumstances beyond my control I found myself away from the Internet for a week and so came back to in excess of over 10,000 e-mails waiting for me. Now I’ve got a brilliant spam filter but unfortunately it still requires me to download the mail before it filters it into the trash can, so after many hours of downloading and deleting I knew I had to find another solution. I’m pleased to say that not only have I found one that seems to work perfectly but it’s even currently free for personal use. Spamjab takes just seconds to set up and thereafter they filter all your mail for you. What I find totally amazing is that if they’re in any doubt whether mail is spam or not (usually something like a newsletter or survey to complete), they send you an e-mail so that you can instantly add the address to your “good” or “bad” listing for future reference. Unlike many ISPs that decide to filter your mail for you without your input, all the mail they filter out is available for viewing so you can check that nothing “good” has slipped through, then with a touch of a button the rest is deleted.

Free Glow Sticks

Get 5 free glow sticks (the ones that can be bent into bracelets that glow) just by signing up for a few free newsletters. If you’re not interested in the offers, you might want to create a new e-mail address just for this offer and sign up for everything then close the address down.

If you don’t want glow sticks you can choose a free “Beat the Bully” wristband instead from

I hope you’ve found something of interest this month. I’ll speak to you again next month.

Lynne O’Connor

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Internet Home Working Directory April 2005 Newsletter
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