Internet Home Working Directory February 2005 Newsletter

Internet Home Working Directory February 2005 Newsletter

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1. News

Welcome to the latest issue of the Home Working Ideas newsletter, the monthly publication which gives you all the latest news from the UK on ways of earning money from home. This month sees the launch of our new HTML version so let me know if you have any problems viewing it, or have any comments to make.


Long been the favoured way for small businesses to accept payments online, the company has now improved the system further. Now buyers no longer need to open a Paypal account to channel their credit card payments but can simply use Paypal as the credit card processor in much the same way as WorldPay and other third party processors. If you’re not yet a member, you’ll find their site at

Scam Warning

This one has been around on and off since at least 2001 under various names but I’ve heard this week that it could be back again but with an ever increasing amount of money at stake. Back in 2001 the company, then trading as The Freephone Directory Ltd were offering freelance homework locating local freephone numbers to add to their database. However no-one was ever paid although the company kept in contact with the workers providing them with their excuse of the week. All the while they were continuing to advertise for workers on

Things went fairly quite for a while but in the last few weeks I’ve heard from people being approached by the company which is now operating from and asking an incredible £6000 +VAT to be a quality controller, which basically involves phoning the companies on their records to check details. I’ve now learned that despite the track record of the company, several people have paid this sum and of course the excuses have started again and apparently almost no-one has been paid. If you’ve been approached by Jenny Harris, Simon Harris or Tobin Harris or indeed anybody else about any business opportunity involving freephone numbers visit the Freephone Workers Forum at which is a forum set up by victims.

2. Featured Business Publication

Making Big Money with eBay

If you’ve been tempted to trying selling items on eBay and the other auction sites, you’ve probably come across a host of books and ebooks written for the US market that don’t really apply to UK buyers, or help you as a seller to source supplies, and are often simply repeating the information given on eBay itself, or too full of jargon to be of any use to a beginner. This month however sees the release of a brand new manual written in plain English with contributions from eBay achievers throughout the UK who explain how they built successful home-based eBay businesses and tell you how you can do the same.

Also included is previously unpublished information on where to get your hands on a constant supply of in-demand brand new products, both low and high tech, for which you pay nothing until you’ve made the sale and been paid yourself, and which require no storage or handling yourself.

As an added bonus the guide comes with resale rights and includes personalised promotional literature for your marketing. All sales are handled by the publisher – you just forward the orders you receive for processing.

Usually priced at £20 plus 6 first class stamps, this month only you can forget the stamps and pay just £20. You’ll find payment details on

3. Featured Business Opportunity


This month I’ve had one of those dilemmas you occasionally come across in business – whether to pass on a brilliant source of products to sell or to keep quiet and keep selling them to you myself.

My initial reaction when I came across SoftwarePak was one of huge excitement that I’d found the source of so many products I’ve bought in the past, and disbelief at all the incredible extra resources included with membership. At the same time I was annoyed that I hadn’t found the site earlier as I added up how much I’ve spent on some of the products included. And then I had to make the biggest decision of all – whether to tell you about it or keep quiet and keep selling the individual products (including the Niche Products Pack which is proving very popular) almost all of which retail for more than just one month’s membership.

Well, you’ll be able to tell that I’ve decided to let you in on the secret, because it really is just too good to keep quiet about. So what do you get for your money?

Well, primarily this is a private members site for resellers so each month, (in fact virtually every week) you get new products to download either for your own use or to sell. What makes this site unique is that almost every product comes with its own promotional webpage and full reseller rights, making them all easy to sell individually or in collections of your own. See for an example of a page I’ve put together using some of the recipe books I’ve just downloaded from the site, and I sold a copy of that collection the very first day I promoted it.

But that’s not all by any means. You also get professional web hosting (not the usual free hosting with banners), autoresponders, web promotion services, membership to InfoProductLab and my personal favourite – turnkey websites. These are highly professional themed websites enabling you to have a ready made website, not a replica site, without any programming skills. Examples include Review Website, Home Business Directory, Affiliate Directory, Gaming Directory, Download Store, Legal Forms, Link Exchange, Top 100 Website, Hot or Not Website, Jokes Website and Recipe Website to name just a few. You can see the review site I’ve just started at As yet, I haven’t had time to do much with it but you can certainly get a good idea of what’s on offer. Now if you’re as excited as I was, you’re probably dreading the key question – how much? Well, yet again this comes as a pleasant surprise – Just $29.99 a month(about £15) gets you all the benefits mentioned above, and one extra benefit – if you order direct from me rather than going to direct you save the $10 joining fee.

For more details including a complete list of reseller titles, and the referral program, or to sign up then go to

4. Featured Business Update

This month we’ve got an update from Roy Strong on one of the longest running party plan businesses around.

Oriflame – Party Plan Relaunched

At our annual conference in Aviemore many exciting new plans and incentives were launched aimed at putting Oriflame back amongst the top direct sales companies in UK and Ireland.

Our intention is to become the company of choice, offering people flexibility in how they sell our products and run their Oriflame business. One method of sales, and a very lucrative one, is of course Party Plan or Beauty Demonstrations, but being honest the old package we had for this was average at best.

That has all changed now, with the appointment of very experienced party plan expert Julia Palmer to the corporate team. We have a brand new Beauty Demonstration kit worth £200 but available for just £55 (and there is even an opportunity to end up getting it for FREE!). The kit comes with everything you need to do your parties including a easy to use presenter (you can just read from cheat notes on the back if you want!), mirrors, pens, mats and of course fabulous skin care products. The kit box even converts into a display stand (wow!). Hostesses can choose 20% worth of products for free plus booking gifts, to my knowledge this makes it us no.1 for hostess rewards, making it easy to get people to book parties.

Free training is also provided across UK and Ireland.

I would certainly recommend anyone with party plan experience, including party plan managers, to get in touch as soon as you can. Equally, those who have never attempted party plan before because it seemed too hard but know there is money to be made will also be interested in the ease with which they can do parties with Oriflame.

Free info pack is available by phoning me on 01206 765012 or dropping me an email at You may also wish to visit my website

Roy Strong

5. Featured Freebies

Free “Feel Good” Vouchers
If you’re feeling a big sluggish, having not quite thrown off the excesses of Christmas, and staying indoors away from the cold British weather, then this month’s freebies could be just what you need to re-energise you to kickstart your business plans for 2005.

How would you fancy a free Day Gym Pass Voucher (200 health clubs to choose from) or a free session with a personal trainer (300 to choose from)?

Or what about a free salsa or ceroc lesson or free entry to one of over 250 of the UK and Ireland’s loudest and liveliest nightclubs?

Too energetic? Then try a free facial or reflexology treatment.

You can choose any one of these vouchers when you sign up for free with PlentyPoints, the latest loyalty site where you earn for shopping and accepting offers online. You will also be entered into a draw to give you the chance to win 4000 Plentypoints. You’ll find full details at

I hope you’ve found something of interest this month. I’ll speak to you again next month.

Lynne O’Connor

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