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Personal Development and Confidence Building

The reason many scams exist (eg envelope stuffing and get rich quick programs) is that so many people looking to earn from home have such a low opinion of themselves and their own abilities that they think this is the only work they can do, when in fact virtually all of us have all we need to achieve far more, if only we knew how to believe in ourselves.

For many people the decision to work from home isn’t one of choice so much as the inability to find work outside the home following a period in which they may have lost confidence in the ability to work for others, or at least to get the message across.

The following ideas can help you regain your confidence and self esteem and make a success of yourself whether you decide to work for yourself or venture back into employment.

Do you work from home?

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Recommended Reading

Any book that has 30 reviews on Amazon and gets an average mark of 5 out of 5 has to be getting something right. If you suffer from depression, get yourself a copy of Undoing Depression : What Therapy Doesn’t Teach You and Medication Can’t Give You by Richard O’Connor

The book examines how depression affects emotions, behavior, relationships, and self, and discusses healthier and more adaptive ways of thinking, feeling, and living happier lives.

Another 5 star recommendation from Amazon is How to Raise Your Self-Esteem by Nathaniel Branden. A short, clear, useful, and practical guide to raising your self-esteem. I don’t think it’s possible to read this without feeling better about yourself. Some of the most sensible advice I’ve read in years.

Other recommended books

Feel the Fear and Do It Anyway – Susan Jeffers

A book of advice on how to cope with fear of various kinds of experience, such as public speaking, self-assertion, decision-making, intimacy, being alone, ageing, losing a loved one, and ending a relationship. This book is also available as an audio cd


I’ve recently been investigating the Sedona Method having heard amazing things about this simple technique to eliminate stress, release fears and self doubt, improve health and much more simply by learning how to let go. The list of testimonials is one of the most impressive and wide ranging I have come across, with just about every aspect of life being improved. Whether you are battling depression or panic attacks, chronic shyness or lacking in self-confidence, excess weight problems or trying to give up smoking to name but a few, the Sedona method has helped many people. Available as a 2 day seminar or a series of 10 audio tapes, together with a 132 page workbook, the course comes with a 45 day money back guarantee. For further information and a Free audio Tape visit Sedona.com
Subliminal Messages

So powerful it was banned on radio and television in the 1970’s, subliminal messaging hasn’t died and today, magazines such as New Scientist are proclaiming it as the “future of learning”. Individuals such as Derren Brown are showcasing its effects in modern “mind” shows; Large retail stores are using subliminals to reduce theft; Celebrities such as Tiger Woods and Steven Spielberg are raving about it being their key to true success.

The technology behind subliminal messages, however, has stood the test of time. Here’s how it works: messages are flashed in front of a subject at high speed. Although the conscious mind doesn’t comprehend these messages, the subconscious instantly understands and acts on them.

One highly publicized study involved flashing a single phrases for just 100-milliseconds in front of an audience. Nobody “saw” the message, but sales of that product shot up 57.8%. And that was just with one message. So just think what you could achieve by sending subliminal messages to your mind, dozens of times, to change your life?

A new software package, Subliminal Power does just that in a fully-customizable studio package that runs on any Windows machine, silently starting with your computer and running in the background, constantly flashing subtle random-area, low-contrast, 100-millisecond messages while you work. An independent study using the beta version proved the software to be 28 times more powerful than subliminal tapes and more focused in handling your specific demands.

Also includes a collection of 21 life success modules, each containing dozens of expertly written, ready-to-run subliminal messages. You can tailor them to your needs, or simply plug them straight into Subliminal Power.

For full details of this package including the free modules and no-strings money back guarantee, visit the Subliminal Power. site.
Health Products

Whilst none of the following products make any claims about their powers, anecdotal evidence suggests that many people have benefitted from regular use.

St John’s Wort is often known as the miracle herb because it can tackle so many different problems. The herb has been used for many centuries to elevate mood, enhance sleep, reduce anxiety and promote clarity of thought.

The herb is believed to fight depression by increasing the levels of several neurotransmitters in the brain – including serotonin. With St. John’s Wort you don’t suffer the awful side effects of synthetic antidepressant drugs that include increased anxiety and agitation, nausea, headache and reduced sexual desire and performance.

St. John’s Wort is much used in Germany to treat mild to moderate depression. It may well be beneficial to more serious depression also but too few studies have yet been carried out to confirm this. People usually take St. John’s Wort for 2 to 6 weeks before noticing their change in mood. It is a little slower to reach maximum effectiveness than synthetic antidepressants such as Prozac but studies have shown that by the 4th to 6th week St. John’s Wort has caught up to be equally effective without the unpleasant side effects. Extracts such as that provided by hwize.com are the most potent form in which St. John’s Wort can be obtained. All the clinical studies establishing the effectiveness of St. John’s Wort in treating depression have used extracts. An extract is the end result of a process to reduce the plant to its medicinally useful components. It retains the same chemical composition as the original herb but is much more concentrated. Further the hwize.com St. John’s Wort has been ‘standardized’ ensuring it contains a particular concentration of the key bioactive ingredients. St. John’s Wort can also be helpful for conditions associated with depression, such as anxiety, stress, PMS, chronic fatigue, fibromyalgia and chronic pain. It may even have some direct pain relieving effects. It can also help in the treatment of ‘Winter Blues’ (or seasonal affective disorder – SAD), a type of depression caused by the lower amounts of sunlight over the winter months.

Valerian is a perennial plant native to North America and Europe and is officially approved as a sleep aid by medical authorities in the U.K., Germany and other European countries. Rather than induce sleep directly valerian calms the brain and body so sleep can occur naturally, so you don’t feel groggy in the morning. Valerian has been shown to help people achieve sleep more quickly and to awaken less often during sleep. During one study of the effects of valerian on insomniacs nearly all reported improved sleep and 44% of the patients reported their sleep quality when taking valerian as ‘perfect’.

It is also increasingly used for relief by people suffering anxiety disorders, is non-addictive and does not leave you feeling drugged. Benzodiazepines such as Valium and Xanax often cause grogginess the morning after which can impair your ability to drive or perform tasks that require concentration. Valerian has neither of these unwelcome and potentially dangerous side effects. Valerian can safely be taken with St. John’s Wort for depression and with kava for anxiety.

If you’re simply feeling under the weather multi-vitamin and multi-mineral supplements could be all you need to give you that extra boost and strengthen your immune system.

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