Phone and Internet

Phone and Internet

Phone and Internet Related Business Opportunities

Sign up free of charge to Equitalk to make savings on your own calls and also earn commission on all the phone calls made by anyone you sign up. Equitalk pay you 5% of the bills of the people you introduce, but better still they pay you 2% of bills of the people your referrals introduce and 1% for a further two levels ! PLUS Refer 3 friends to Equitalk to get a free iPod nano. and all new customers get £5 in free calls.

Not only can you save up to 50% on national calls, up to 80% on international calls (one flat rate so you can call at any time of day) and make calls to mobiles from only 6p a minute without changing your phone number (BT lines only), but you get online itemised billing so you can check how much you’ve spent anytime just by logging into your account, AND ALL CALLS BETWEEN EQUITALK CUSTOMERS ARE FREE.

If you’d like more details go to Telecom plus Plc . THE UTILITY WAREHOUSE

Telecom plus Plc is an established British Company with a very experienced Board of Directors. Never base your future on anything less! They are Brokers of Telephony, Utilities and various Services for the Residential and Small Business Markets. A degree of recession proofing exists therefore! You should at the very least consider this for your own benefit as a Customer. The more services you take the more you save. Their single billing platform means you get only one bill not five or six which could save you a great deal of money, time and effort. Isn’t this the kind of business you need for a secure additional income?

The following services are currently available:

* TELEPHONE – Using the cheapest route for your calls automatically, means that you could save a very considerable percentage of your current call charges compared with BTs prices. Now with more FREE CALLS than ever before. (and no buttons to push)

* MOBILE PHONES – Wide variety of Free Phones available. Minimum term contracts optional. An array of tariffs ensures you get the most suitable for you. (and the youngsters can have their in vogue versions)

* 0800 FREEPHONE NUMBERS – Peak time calls only 7.5p per minute, line rental £2 a month and no connection fees or minimum term contract period. Every small business in the UK should have one.

* INTERNET ACCESS – Standard or Broadband with choices to suit you.

* ON-LINE SHOPPING – One store, one basket, FREE delivery and great prices. Currently includes Household Electricals, Hi-Fi, TV, Video, Chocolates, Gifts, Bonsai, Games, Horoscopes, CD’s, Wine, Jewelry, Lighting, Flowers, Import Specialists, Insurance and much more!

* ELECTRICITY – The UKs cheapest domestic rates.

* GAS – The UKs cheapest domestic rates. Here’s what the Daily Mail Said

“The cheapest dual fuel price is from Telecom plus ….”<
As a Distributor you earn commissions as a % of the monthly bills of those you have referred to the Company. Many Cash bonuses can be earned, as can the use of luxury cars. Travel and other incentives exist for Customer Gathering and Business Building. Support is of a high standard and is readily available from the Company, your Group and your Sponsor. Become an Independent Distributor now, there is plenty of additional income to be generated. You can also have your own web sites, which are maintained for you.

Training is also available from Company, Group and Sponsor. Once you have referred a Customer they will be yours for as long as they stay with Telecom plus. You will receive all commissions from any future purchases that they make. Telecom plus has been growing since 1997 and there is still a long way to go. I have been an Independent Distributor since 1997 and am still expanding my team of Independent Distributors. Are you ready to improve your future? LISTEN NOW.

Dial our Recorded Information Line for this Business on Tel: 020 8955 5678 Hit 5 at any time for the Specific Subject Menu.

EMAIL ME for a fully Comprehensive Business Information Pack, with Full Name, Address, Post Code and Telephone Number quoting “Telecom plus” to or Tel: 08707 411 017 to speak to me, Alec Lonsdale.

(We regret that no information can be dispatched without Name, Address and Tel. No.)
090x numbers (premium rate numbers)

Premium Rate Services (PRS) are an extremely popular way of generating an income from incoming telephone calls. It is an industry worth over £2 billion a year in the UK alone. Normally a high investment is needed to set-up and operate such services. However, are able to offer many of these services absolutely FREE, and only charge a small set-up fee for their customised services.

Ideal for Income generation. Choose from £1 / 60p / 50p per minute to suit your service

Ideal for information or help lines to earn you revenue.

Available as ready-made, no work to do lines – or customise your own. 4Free currently even have two ready made services:

* LOGOS & RING-TONES – Callers can access all the latest Logos and Ring-tones for their mobile phone. Calls are charged at £1.50 per minute with the average length call time 2 minutes.
* LIVE 24HR PSYCHIC – A fascinating service where the caller receives a live personal reading. This service currently has long hold times as the caller becomes enthralled. Calls are charged at £1.00.

Weekly call statistics to help you monitor your advertising

Now NO Connection Fee and NO monthly service charge. Click here for further information.
Service Cost of Call per Minute You Earn per Minute Set-up Fee
Redirect or voice-mail £1.00 55p Free
Redirect or voice-mail 75p 35p Free
Redirect or voice-mail 60p 26p Free
Redirect or voice-mail 50p 20p Free
Redirect or voice-mail 25p 9p Free
Ring Tones & Logos* £1.50 70p £99.00 + VAT
Live 24Hr Psychic £1.00 31p £49.00 + VAT
* domain name, if required, £15.00 for 2 years ( ), including all fees and management

All above charges are subject to VAT, and subject to change.
Online Sales

There are many companies that will pay you commission for each mobile phone sale or ISP signup made online to people you refer there, either through a link on your own website or other promotional efforts. Examples include:

* Boltblue pay £10 for each new ADSL subscriber and £1 for each sale of ringtone or phone games packages
* BT pays £15 for each new subscriber to their mobile phone service whereby users get to choose their own call plan each month and up to £15 for Internet services.
* Carphone Warehouse pays 10% commission on sales generated from your site, plus £12 for each pay monthly phone sold and £7 for each sim-free phone sold.
* pay £20 per successful contract phone sale.

Commission figures may vary. You can find out more and sign up to these programs free of charge at TradeDoubler Residual Income
Residual income opportunity review. Genuine work from home business explained, learn how you can work with a major UK company enabling you to earn an income online at home.


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