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Unlike most advertising where you pay a fixed sum, Pay Per Click advertising charges only for results. You can list your web site at the top of the search engine results by selecting the keywords that best describe your site. Then you decide how much you are willing to bid for each of these keywords. The higher you bid the higher your site will be listed in the results set, but you only pay when someone clicks on your advertisement! With well written ads on less competitive keywords, you can get interested visitors to your site for as little as $0.01 each.

Recently, one of the top online marketeers put together a report that outlined the seven most effective ways to sell any product or service online. Using Pay Per Click Advertising, or more specifically, to , was his number one choice of marketing methods online!

It’s little wonder that Pay Per Click is wildly popular and it is also the only method that can drive huge amounts of highly targeted traffic to your site TODAY. PPC advertising is immediate! You can easily set up an account and be getting traffic the same hour!

Google Adwords Free Report – The Top 5 Mistakes Companies Make Using Google Adwords. Learn how to avoid ppc failure.

Google AdWords enables advertisers to create and display ads on Google.com and the Google content network, which includes Google AdSense publisher sites like this one. Advertisers can choose their target audience, set their budget and see their ad almost instantly.

Yahoo! Sponsored Search works in a similar way to Google AdWords listing your business on top sites like Yahoo!, AltaVista and CNN. Sign up and get a $25 credit.

Whilst the above two are way ahead of the rest, others are worth considering, especially if you are operating in a very competitive sector where Google and Yahoo can be very expensive.

Clicksor.com is one of the larger “pay per click” networks serving over 320 million impressions each month by partnering with over 10,000 specialized websites. In addition to “pay per click” text links, they also offer graphic banners by click or impression and pop-unders. Their advanced technology identifies fraudulent clicks and allows you to target through keywords, geographical location and even domain (eg .com only). Option to pay by Paypal and other banking options in addition to usual credit card facility.

Pulse360 (formerly Kanoodle) is probably a close runner up to Google and Yahoo. Unlike some of the PPC search engines, Pulse360 also pulls listings from other search engines to ensure optimum results. They also supply results to such search engines as Dogpile, CNet, WebCrawler and Metacrawler as well as 2,500 search-enabled websites.

Set up in minutes you can run any number of campaigns under one account, and monitor them online. The team at Pulse360 can even create your keywords, absolutely free! Their FoKus program provides you with keywords that will deliver targeted traffic to your site. They create your keywords, title and description and put them right into your account for you.

MIVA (formerly FindWhat.com) is a leading developer and provider of performance-based marketing services for the Internet and are receptive and flexible, able to tailor their service to match each advertiser’s needs – from a one-person firm to an advertising agency with hundreds of clients.

You can access your account any time of the day or night with their fully automated, personalized, and secure Account Manager and take advantage of their free suite of automated campaign management tools.

You can get started with a deposit of $25 (100% of it is applied to your click-throughs), but open a MIVA account with an initial $50.00 deposit and you will receive an additional $5.00 credit to your account.

http://www.excelseek.com offers the “Express Inclusion Program” for a one off payment of $19.95 whereby participants automatically receive free priority positioning for an unlimited number of sites and keywords. No charge for the impressions, clicks, or visitors you receive. Works on a first come first served basis. The first site listed for a keyword/phrase receives the #1 priority position. The second site listed for that keyword/phrase receives the #2 priority position and so on. You also receive $50 towards enhanced positioning on a pay per click basis.
Maximise Your PPC Campaign

There’s no doubt that Google Adwords can bring your business a lot of traffic but contrary to the impression given by the hundreds of “gurus” selling how-to guides, most people who have tried to run their own campaigns have failed to create an impressive return, with many getting little or no return for their investment.

A qualified Google Adwords Consultant can maximise the best return on your marketing investment and bring new customers to your business. As a fully qualified Adwords consultant, CIM certified, experienced internet marketer Paul Smith can ensure that your Adwords campaign is configured correctly to achieve the lowest possible price-per-click whilst maximising your click-through-rate.

To find out more or get a free, no-obligation consultation, visit http://www.adwordsconsultant.co.uk or give Paul a call on 08700 343 880 (office hours 9am – 5pm).
Recommended Resources

A few days ago Traffic Travis 3.0 launched with an amazing reception. Thousands of people have seized the opportunity and downloaded this outstanding tool, and they’re already using it to gain an edge over their competition in the search engines.

If you haven’t downloaded it already, then you should be aware that your competition probably has! Ask yourself — Do you really want to be giving them a head start using this? Or are you wanting to be ahead of the game yourself?

Here are just some of the tools you’ll find inside. Remember it doesn’t cost anything, it’s F-R-E-E!

* Page analysis: Almost like having an SEO expert look at your webpage and tell you what you are doing right, and what you are doing wrong. This tool does all that, and then gives you solutions for improving your on-page SEO! Oh, it also gives you a grade. Are you an A+ student, or is your site going to flunk?
* Position ranking: Keeps a daily, weekly or monthly record of exactly where your website is ranked for any search term. Check all the major search engines (Google, Yahoo, MSN Live, Ask and Altavista) and see whether you’re going up in the search engines … or down.
* Keyword finder: A cutting edge keyword finder tool to give you a huge number of relevant keywords.
* Keyword sorter: An essential keyword sorter tool that enables you to categorize extremely large lists of keywords into targeted adgroups for PPC purposes.
* Top sites for keywords: Quickly find all the top sites for your various keywords… then analyze them to see if you can steal some of their tricks.
* Backlinks to site: Who is linking to you? Who is linking to your competitors? What pagerank are they? What anchor text are they using? Checking all this information by hand would be a full-time job, but Traffic Travis does it with just one click. And by analyzing your competitors with this tool you can find other great sites to buy/trade links with.
* Project report: Generate graphs and reports on your search engine rankings and more. This tool is another fun one to use on your competition 😉

PC Tools

* Keywords/details: Discover how many advertisers are advertising on each keyword and whether there’s a heavy turnover in advertisers. This could mean that the keyword isn’t as profitable as everyone thinks!
* Top sites for keywords: Who are the biggest players in your niche? Which keywords are they bidding on? Suss out who your major competitors are, and then analyze their campaign. After all… they must be making money…
* Websites Keyword list: A more indepth keyword snooping tool… this shows you whether competitors keep advertising on a particular word, or whether they drop it periodically. (Consistently advertising on a keyword means it must be really profitable!) This tool also easily shows ad ranking position, so you can see which positions seem to work the best…

There’s loads more but why not just go and download it and see for yourself! After all… it doesn’t cost anything! Find out more at Traffic Travis

Whilst potentially highly profitable, creating successful PPC campaigns takes a lot of hard work and eventually you may have to choose between hiring an expert to help or limit your PPC activity, due to the time involved to track everything.

There are generally five main conditions to be met when creating a successful PPC campaign.

* Highly targeted, relevant keywords.
* Small, tightly grouped, ad groups based around the same terminology.
* Text ads that match your keywords and terminology exactly.
* Landing pages that match your keywords and text ads exactly.
* Tracking mechanisms in place to ensure that the keywords are paying for themselves.

As if that isn’t enough to juggle, you also have to contend with sectors where too much competition pushes keyword prices up, and you still need to earn enough per sale to make your campaigns worth the effort. All in all, a highly time consuming activity.

Now however, there is an alternative. Jay Stockwell started running PPC campaigns in 1999, is an AdWords Qualified Individual, charges $500 an hour as a PPC consultant and has just released his software solution which can roll out highly targeted, high converting PPC campaigns 72,500% faster enabling you to get a month’s full time workdone in just 12 minutes.

If that sounds like sales hype take a look at the video Jay produced. You’ll see how he completes an estimated 145 hours of work, in just 12 minutes by creating 8720 highly targeted, low competition keywords, split into 436 Ad groups of tightly related themes, each matched to its own keyword targeted landing page.

Incredibly the software even allows for integration of datafeeds provided by your own company or by merchants to their affiliates, and can contain hundreds, if not thousands of products by automatically creating a campaign around every single product. These campaigns then link to a pre-selling landing page matching the products keywords which in the case of affiliate programs then links to the merchants site via your own affiliate links.

Speed PPC can save you an enormous amount of time setting up of Adwords & MSN adCenter campaigns and unusually there are no monthly costs, just a one off purchase. To find out more about Speed PPC, watch the video, and get more information from SpeedPPC
Adword Analyzer

Ad Word Analyzer helps you instantly uncover targeted keywords with high search volume and very little competition. It also shows the supply and demand for all of your keywords.

SpeedPPC is primarily designed for companies running numerous campaigns but for those starting out or working on a smaller scale there are still two major problems with Pay Per Click Advertising.

* It can be very time consuming to be effective.
* It can be too expensive for most people to use.

Both of these problems have been solved by one simple piece of software! Now you can search for keywords AND their related Google AdWords and Yahoo campaigns using ONE single software program… Ad Word Analyzer!

And it’s SO easy to use…

Simply open the program and enter a chosen keyword. With a click of your mouse, Ad Word Analyzer will automatically return the following results:

A comprehensive list of all RELATED keyword phrases!

The number of searches that were conducted throughout the previous month for each keyword phrase!

The number of advertising campaigns that currently exist – for both Google AdWords AND Yahoo!

With one click you will have determined how to best market your product.

You will see if an idea is popular based on the number of searches (# 2) how much competition exists based on the number of ad campaigns under way now (# 3) and the exact keywords you can use to bid cheap to lock in the maximum profits! (# 1)

Think about it! With those three results alone, you’ve just shaved hours off the time it would normally take to conduct this type of research.

But it gets even better…

Ad Word Analyzer ALSO displays the number of websites that are associated with each keyword. Then, it takes that number and divides it by the amount of searches that have been conducted, giving you the exact search to results ratio! So what does that mean to you?

Armed with the results/search ratio for any given keyword, you can immediately gauge the actual supply and demand. The lower the R/S Ratio, the better the odds of you making money in that particular product or service niche!

Instant Download and Free Upgrades For Life

100% No-Questions,No-Hassle, 90 Day Money Back Guarantee! Click here for more information
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Wordtracker – Check out which words people are searching for, and how much competition each word has. Free rial membership available.

http://www.trafficzap.com/ – FREE Traffic Tools

Keywords offers the top 500 searched internet keywords compiled from a database of over 350 million search terms extracted from popular metacrawlers.


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