If you have spent much time looking for work you can do at home, you will have realised that most of the jobs just don’t exist. If you genuinely have no specialist skills that will help you work from home, you may wish to consider some form of training. You don’t need to study for years for many occupations.

Below are a selection of recommended options to consider, most of which require little or no specialist skills.

Software Pack

There are very few occasions I come across a great opportunity that creates mixed emotions but Software Pak is definitely one of them. My initial reaction was of huge excitement that I’d found the source of so many products I’ve bought in the past, and disbelief at all the incredible extra resources included with membership. At the same time I was annoyed that I hadn’t found the site earlier as I added up how much I’ve spent on some of the products included. And then I had to make the biggest decision of all – whether to tell you about it or keep quiet and keep selling the individual products (including the Niche Products Pack below) almost all of which retail for more than just one month’s membership.

Well, you’ll be able to tell that I’ve decided to let you in on the secret, because it really is just too good to keep quiet about. So what do you get for your money.

Well, primarily this is a private members site for resellers so each month, (in fact virtually every week) you get new products to download either for your own use or to sell. What makes this site unique is that almost every product comes with its own promotional webpage and full reseller rights, making them all easy to sell individually or in collections of your own.

But that’s not all by any means. You also get professional web hosting (no free hosting with banners), autoresponders, web promotion services, membership to InfoProductLab and my personal favourite – turnkey websites. These are highly professional themed websites enabling you to have a ready made website, not a replica site, without any programming skills. Examples include Review Website, Home Business Directory, Affiliate Directory, Gaming Directory, Download Store, Legal Forms, Link Exchange, Top 100 Website, Hot or Not Website, Jokes Website and Recipe Website to name just a few. You can see the review site I’ve just started at As yet, I haven’t had time to do much with it but you can certainly get a good idea of what’s on offer.

Now if you’re as excited as I was, you’re probably dreading the key question – how much? Well, yet again this comes as a pleasant surprise – Just $29.99 a month(about £15) gets you all the benefits mentioned above, and one extra benefit – if you order direct from this site rather than going to direct you save the $10 joining fee. For more details including a complete list of reseller titles, or to sign up then go to

Niche Products Pack

One of the easiest low-cost ways to work from home is to sell eBooks, but with thousands of products around to help you earn money online, it’s easy to forget that people use the internet for other purposes. This new pack offers a range of products that have little or nothing to do with running a business that you can sell to your target market. Topics include health and fitness, craftwork, diets and recipes, weddings and organic gardening amongst others. All books come with their own promotional sales page and can be sold individually or packaged in any way you wish. I’ve tested out a few on eBay with very good results. Find out more at For a limited time only, I’m offering the complete pack for just £19.99 instead of the usual $97.

STOP PRESS – New niche collection added. Over 4000 recipes in 21 eBooks. See

First Website Builder

Someone had to do it. And The Newbie Club took up the challenge. They found a total beginner who had built her very first Website using FREE programs and graphics – and asked her to write a book about it. Then they added a further 3 books by world renowned Internet marketing experts Joe Robson, Tom Glander and Joe Barta and created an Internet First. The Newbie Club First Website Builder is a groundbreaking Newbie-Speak course that shows any beginner how to design, build, write, present, automate, backup, promote, and publish a Website in 2 days or less. Now ANYONE can do it.

UPDATE – This package has now been updated to include a 24 part HTML Course and such website building tools as a gizmo wizard which enables you to add special effects in just a few clicks, a mini site wizard for creating a no-frills mini site in minutes and a website encryption wizard which allows you to encrypt everything on your new Website to stop content thieves and spammers.

For further details visit


If you’re looking for a suitable business to operate, there are four factors that increase your chances of building a good income over time:

1. A well established company you don’t want the company folding just when you’ve build a regular income
2. Support and Training It’s virtually impossible to succeed without this
3. Consumable products If you sell products that people use and replace each month, you can build a regular income from a small number of customers, rather than needing to find new buyers every month.
4. Referral income Introduce other people and help them do as you are doing, and you start earning on their sales as well as your own

Well, one company that fits this bill better than most is Kleeneze. They’ve been around for about 80 years, provide free nationwide support and training, and offer around 900 products such as cleaning products, car and garden items and health supplements.

Further details are on our sales page or e-mail me your name, address and contact telephone number and I will arrange for a distributor to send you a free video information pack.


New UK opportunity to sell a wide range of health products through your own free website, without having to meet huge monthly sales targets to get paid. Just one purchase from your site each month qualifies you for commission on your sales and those of your downline, but if you don’t make a sale in a month your sponsor gets your commission for that month only.

Products include a wide range of vitamins and minerals plus more unusual products, including those for specific illnesses like arthritis, ulcers and prostate problems.
Simple commission structure and free to join.

For more information visit their site at

Telecom Plus

One of the first companies to offer you the opportunity to earn from discounted phone calls, Telecom Plus have now broadened their range to include discounted gas and electricity, internet services, online shopping and a wide range of telephone services. Sign up a client to one of these services and they remain your client for life, generating commission on every service they use. Choice of entry levels. For further details visit our telecom business opportunities page.

Internet Success Blueprint

“Internet Success Blueprint” was written specifically to help Internet beginners start making money online. It’s a complete guide to starting a profitable home business on the Internet, on a shoestring. In “Internet Success Blueprint” you’ll learn all the step-by-step details you need to start writing and selling info-products online, including a really easy way to create e-books by picking someone else’s brains. However what makes this particular guide different from others, and exceptional value for money, in addition to being an excellent guide, are the extras included in the price. In addition to the manual itself, you get;

* 3 quick time movies which explain the more advanced sections of the guide,
* Smart, Personalized Autoresponder Script
* a report on maximising sales through the use of autoresponders
* Impact lessons – more secrets and hints about Internet marketing
* Nineteen Original Newsletter Articles

plus there’s free, unlimited help from the author by email. If you get stuck, or need some advice from the guy who “wrote the book”, just email him and he’ll get back to you the same day with an answer.

And if you’re wondering about a U.S. bias, it’s been written by a British guy who spent several years in America so covers both angles.

If that isn’t enough it comes with an unconditional no questions asked, 1 year money back guarantee

All this and it still only costs $27!!

You can get more details including the full table of contents from

Online Auctions

Probably one of the easiest, cheapest and virtually risk free ways of making money from home. Take a look at our auction page for more information.

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