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Internet Homeworking Directory

Welcome to Internet Homeworking Directory.

Online Paid Surveys

 This site deals with UK opportunities. If you are based outside the UK, please click here for the international site.

If you want to be informed whenever anything is added to this page, just add your e-mail address to the box below. Your address will not be used for any other purposes.

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Chances are that you've been stopped in the street by a market researcher asking you for your opinion on something or another. You may also have received questionnaires in the post, or inside magazines asking you about your buying habits. Now, many of these tasks can be carried out online, and to build up a research base many companies will pay you, either in cash, goods or prizes, to provide the necessary information.

Before joining any of the programs, consider getting yourself a separate e-mail address. Many companies offer free services, so you don't need to rely on hotmail with their junk mail problems. My own personal recommendation is GMX (Global Mail Exchange) , used by more than 11 million Internet users, which offers 5 GB e-mail storage and attachments up to 50MB and mailboxes which are protected from spam with seven anti-spam modules.

I'd also recommend you download a copy of Roboform. This free software can be used for auto-filling registration forms greatly simplifying the application process for the survey companies you'll be joining. In addition it can also remember all the passwords for each of the sites you join. Find out more from Roboform.

RoboForm: Learn more...

ALSO - Click here for details of sites that pay you for providing reviews.

For loads of free draws and competitions go to our competitions page

Although a few of the following are US companies, and pay out in dollars, I have only listed companies accepting international applications. Please let me know if any of them are no longer accepting applications.

Don't expect to get dozens of requests; in most cases one or two qualified surveys a month from each company and you'll be doing well. Only sign up if you are genuinely interested in offering your opinion, and look on any payment as a bonus.

PLEASE NOTE - This site is no longer updated regularly. For the latest UK surveys visit http://www.whichsurveys.com/uksurveys.htm

Maximiles (formerly ipoints) is a well established incentive scheme where you earn points from your own on-line shopping plus points for visiting sites, completing surveys and reading e-mails. Earn from purchases of computer products, books, CDs, videos, insurance, flowers, electrical goods and more and choose from a list of products including high street and online gift vouchers, flight vouchers, and vouchers or products from the associate companies including music systems and games consoles or even an iPad.

They have recently greatly increased activity their survey department and I am now getting invitations daily, generally worth in the region of 200 points a time (worth around £1, depending on gift chosen) and they always have quick surveys on the site for 5 points or more.

There are always loads of free points available. I've earned myself DVD's, CD's, a £50 Amazon voucher and a music system so far almost without buying anything.


For every survey you complete at Just The Answer, you'll receive between 50 and 500 answerpoints which you can convert into Amazon vouchers or into a donation to Macmillan Cancer Support (charity subject to change). You'll also be entered into the current prize draw (one extra entry for each survey you complete)or can exchange your points for extra entries with the chance to win fabulous prizes.

By completing the simple registration survey you'll get your first 50 answerpoints immediately plus an entry into the monthly prize draw to win an iPod Shuffle.

Open to UK residents 16+.

Long established respected US market research company Opinion Outpost has just launched in the UK so the company are currently recruiting UK residents from a wide range of demographics.

You will always earn Opinion Points for each survey that you qualify to complete. 20 Opinion Points = £1 and you must accumulate a minimum of 100 Opinion Points (£5) before redeeming. The cash amount is paid to you using Paypal. In addition, some surveys may offer other payments, such as a sweepstakes or other prizes.

In general, Opinion Points will appear in your account within just a few minutes of completing a survey. As long as you are an active member of OpinionOutpost your Opinion Points will not expire. To be an active member simply means that you attempt to take at least one survey every three months.

Their Refer-A-Friend option allows you to invite friends and family not living in your household to join the research panel at OpinionOutpost.co.uk. They will award you Opinion Points for each person you refer who subsequently joins the panel and completes at least one survey.

Open to all UK resident over the age of 18. Limited to one account per household.

Opinion People is an international online access panel, inviting you to participate in online studies covering current issues and get involved in the development of future products and services. You get paid for your input and also get the chance to win great prizes.

After registering with opinion people and filling in a few personal details in the basic profile, you will receive your own electronic account which will be credited with your first 7 bonus points. You will then receive a further 10 bonus points for the special profiles (Household, Internet & Technology, Job & Career, Cars & Motorbikes, Travelling, Health & Wellness, Finance, Media Use, Interests & Hobbies). 1 bonus point is equivalent to 10p. When you have accumulated a total of 150 bonus points, you will receive a pay-out of £15 direct to your bank account. For every survey you participate in (even if you do not complete it if you do not belong to the desired target group), you receive a ticket for the monthly raffle, so the more often you participate in surveys, the higher the number of entries you'll have. This company only very occasionally opens the panel to new members, so grab the opportunity when you find an invitation. Ages 14 and above.

UPDATE - Registration has just re-opened. Sign-up at Opinion People .


Plugged-in People is an exclusive online community made up of people who are interested in consumer electronics and are excited to share their opinions about them. You'll get the chance to take part in shaping the future of consumer electronics, get sneak peaks at new product concepts and enter drawings for chances to win free stuff.

Everyone who registers will be entered into a drawing for a chance to win one of two prizes of £250 or the Grand Prize of £500. Once accepted you can expect your first survey within a few days.

Open to computer owners in the UK aged 18 to 65.

Talk Panel need your views on a whole range of products, services and issues that impact on all of us. They will invite you to take part in surveys on a wide variety of topics that are of interest to you. Depending on your profile, you could receive anything up to 4 invitations per month, lasting on average 5 to 15 minutes.

The company run monthly prize draws ranging from Amazon vouchers to iPods. The value of the prize draw on offer may vary from survey to survey but you will be informed of the prizes on offer and the terms and conditions when you are invited to take part in the survey.

To say thank you for joining, you are automatically entered into a monthly prize draw for a 160GB iPod!

They are currently particularly in need of UK gamblers and lottery players aged 18+.

GfK have just reopened their media panel and would like to invite you to take part in a study to give your opinions of programmes shown on television and radio, and the websites you visit.

The answers that you give are important in deciding what TV and radio programmes are made and what websites are produced. It doesn't matter how much TV you watch, how much radio you listen to or how often you access the internet, it's what you think and feel about the TV programmes, radio and internet that's important in this survey.

The survey is available every day. It only takes a few minutes to complete, and it's your chance to share your thoughts and feelings with the programme producers themselves.

Sign up now and you will be able to start giving your opinions from tomorrow. If you complete a questionnaire at least 10 times per month you will be entered into a monthly prize draw with over 4,000 cash prizes totalling almost £15,000 to be won and a top prize of £1,500. Every three months you will be entered into a loyal lottery draw, with a total prize fund of £8,500 per quarter and a top prize of £4,000.

Unlike other sites offering prize draws instead of guaranteed payment, this one has enough prizes to stand a real chance of winning on a regular basis. I tend to get a few wins every year and I only tend to complete 3 surveys a week. With more discipline I'm sure I'd win more often.

Before you can participate you'll need to fill out a short survey about you and your household. Fill this in and you will receive 5 tickets towards your entry into this month's prize draw.

GfK only open their panel to new participants a few times a year so if you're interested you do need to act quickly. Get started by visiting GfK

PineCone Research doesn't allow you to sign up directly through their site but do occasionally place banner ads around the Internet from time to time inviting new members. This is one of my favourite panels so I'd strongly recommend grabbing the chance whenever you find a banner. If there isn't one above you can join through Palm Research who are currently running a recruitment campaign for them.

Once a member, expect to get a survey to complete once ever six weeks, for which you don't ever appear to get screened out. You are always paid £4 (may be about to change as current banners mention £3) in Cash via Paypal or Luncheon Vouchers (virtually as good as cash as they can be used nearly everywhere that sells prepared food, including supermarkets and fast food outlets). In addition, several surveys then offer you the chance to test new products, and you're then sent a full size product to try out. I've received full size cleaning products, drinks, crisps, confectionery, sauces and more.

MySurvey.com (formerly MyTNS.com) offers you the chance to participate in online research and earn Nectar points or MySurvey points exchangeable for Amazon vouchers or charitable donations. I receive regular surveys to complete and even when you don't qualify you still earn a few Nectar points (usually at least 35). They are one of the best sites when it comes to longer duration surveys (eg a few minutes once a week for a month or every day for a week) which pay pretty well and for product trials.

Available to UK residents and 70 other countries including Ireland, France, Spain, Germany, Italy, Netherlands, USA and Canada, although different rewards apply for each country. See http://www.whichsurveys.com/europe.htm for more details of these panels.

Click here

Palm Research
Join the Palm Research panel and get paid to take surveys, participate in focus groups or test and review different products and services on the internet. You are entered into a $50,000 drawing for every survey taken and can take a survey every day.

Open to residents of UK, US and Canada

Earn £1 for every five minutes of your time! Designed and administered by one of the leading names in UK market research, ICM Research, Itsyourview.com are looking to massively grow their panel in the next 12 months and so need new participants. Paying in cash, you can expect to earn around £1 for every five minutes, so for example a 25 minute survey will pay £5. Sign up at Itsyourview.com

Whilst not new (Synovate is a world-leading provider of market research, information and analysis, with over 50 years of experience) Synovate have recently revamped their rewards program so that you are now rewarded for every survey you complete. When you join you are entered into the Monthly Sign-up Sweepstakes with over 200 winners monthly and then for each survey you complete you earn points redeemable for cash plus an entry in the quarterly sweepstakes with 10 cash prizes ranging from £50 to £2,500. You can also refer friends to earn even more points. Most surveys take less than 15 minutes to complete.

IPSOS Interactive Services is one of the world's leading market research agencies. By joining their research panel, you'll earn points that can be exchanged for High Street vouchers. One of the more active panels - I receive survey requests most weeks from this agency. Earnings can build up surprisingly quickly; I recently logged into my account and discovered I'd accrued £60 in earnings. Available to UK residents over 18


As a member of Springboard, you will have the chance to make your opinion count in boardrooms, government and the media. You earn Survey Dollars redeemable for cash or charity donations and will be entered into the £1000 Prize Draw just for joining. Most of their surveys award between 50p and £2.50 if you qualify and complete them. Open to UK residents over the age of 16. They are particularly in need of male participants between the age of 18 and 24.

GlobalTestMarket has a very active survey division and requires participants worldwide over the age of 14. If you've got children, you'll also often get invitations for your children but the invitation will go to you as consent for the child to take part in the research.

You earn "marketpoints" each time you respond to a survey request - the closer you fit the demographics for the survey, the higher the points earned but you'll always earn a few points even if you don't qualify at all. A typical survey of 30 questions that takes approximately 12 minutes to complete will earn 60 to 80 MarketPoints. You can also earn extra points when you refer others. Each point is worth $0.05, although you are paid in pounds not dollars when you live in the UK, and you need 1000 points to qualify for payment by cheque.

They seem to be fairly active. I receive survey invitations most days at present. For full details and registration form, visit GlobalTestMarket

Opinionworld - Become a member of OpinionWorld and receive regular invitations to take part in interesting surveys and opinion polls. Each time that you take part you have the chance of winning instant prizes, entries into the monthly prize draw, and the opportunity to support charities. Cash payments are also made on some surveys with payment made individually by Paypal rather than having to reach a minimum payment, even if you only earn £1!

Every time that you take part in a survey some money is set aside for a charity; the actual amount depends on the size of the questionnaire. The greater the number of people who take part, the more money donated. Charities change on a regular basis and include multinational charities and smaller organisations - just state at the end of the survey which charity you wish to support.

NOP, the UK's leading market and opinion research company using its online survey service, Surveys.com, pays in maximiles, exchangeable for a wide range of items including gift vouchers, flowers, books, computer games, flights and hi-fi's. If you're not already a member you can find out more about maximiles (formerly ipoints) here

For signing up and for each survey you complete you will also be entered into prize draws.

lightspeed consumer panel

Lightspeed Consumer Channel are an international research company and have been one of the more active in the UK over recent years. Until recently the only reward for completing surveys were entries into prize draws. Now however they've revamped their scheme so that you still earn prize draw entries for completing qualifiers but whenever you complete a survey you also earn points exchangeable for a range of high street vouchers. You only need to earn £5 to claim so there's no long wait to get rewarded.

Membership of the UK panel is open only to residents of Great Britain (England, Scotland and Wales) who are 16 years of age or over. Irish members should join the Irish panel.

Surveyhead was founded in 2008 by the founders of goZing.com, one of the first and biggest online paid survey opportunities. In 2005, goZing was acquired by GreenfieldOnline and is now part of Ciao. Today, Surveyheadís parent company, United Sample, works with corporations and market research firms around the world to help them gain competitive intelligence through online surveying. By joining this new panel, and in exchange for providing your opinion, Surveyhead will pay you a cash reward via PayPal for each survey you complete plus $5 just for registering. Open to UK residents over 14 plus residents of US, Australia and Canada.

If you enjoy getting paid to complete surveys but hate waiting months to qualify for a payment then Valued Opinions is definitely worth a look. They generally pay at least £1-£2 per survey (but could be up to £5 for each survey or up to £50 for specialist surveys), and you can claim your reward when you reach just £10, in the form of vouchers for Amazon or a selection of high street stores. At the moment I'm getting a voucher most months usually for little more than watching draft TV ads or planned product ideas and giving an opinion. Sign up now and you also have the chance to win an iPod Nano, just for registering.

Contrary to appearances suggested by the name, American Consumer Opinion™ is made up of consumers worldwide who have agreed to participate in surveys over the Internet. Occasionally, these consumers are asked to participate in mail surveys or telephone surveys, but generally the surveys are all conducted over the Internet.

As a panel member, you will participate in several surveys a year, typically. The average survey will take 10 minutes or so to complete, and the questions are usually easy to answer.

Panel members can expect to receive a "screener" (a short questionnaire) every six weeks or so.

All registered members participate in a monthly drawing to win cash awards, just for being a member.

If you answer a screener (a short questionnaire), you will be entered into a drawing for cash awards and when you participate in a survey (a longer questionnaire), you will always receive some type of incentive in the form of a free product to test, cash, a check, or a gift.

Incentives typically range in value from £4 to £25, per survey, depending upon the length of the questionnaire and the time it takes to complete it. If a survey is extra long, then the award could be £25 or more. Participants in online focus groups generally receive more than £25. No minimum payout levels - Payment is always made at the end of each survey.

I've received many payments from this company

Crowdology is an online research community, which rewards members for participating in online market research Surveys paying you for your opinion. Their clients are leading consumer brands, media, advertising, Public relations and publishing companies, who want to measure opinions on a wide range of subjects.

Crowdology surveys are varied and often focus on current issues or fun ideas with most of the surveys ranging from 2 minutes to 15 minutes. Examples of recent polls include, spending and saving patterns in the credit crunch, knowledge of cooking, wasting food, accidental landlords, mid life crisis, things you cant live without on holiday, the pains of looking good, celebrities who wear glasses, the stresses of getting married, frustrations of online shopping, and using plastic bags to save the environment. The amount of money you receive depends on the length and type of survey, from £0.50 up to £10 or more.

Home of Research is a new market research panel - choose which surveys you want to complete and earn points which can be exchanged for cash, vouchers or even donated to charity. 100 points = £1 and with up to 500 points attached to each survey, the money soon adds up! You can redeem your points once you have over 2,000. It's up to you what you do with them: convert them into Amazon vouchers, cash (for PayPal account holders) or donate the equivalent value to charity.

What I particularly like about this company is they tell you in the e-mail what criteria they are looking for, so if you aren't going to qualify you don't need to waste time completing pre-screeners.

Take Surveys, Earn Cash and Prizes

Opinion Square offers you the chance to earn OpinionRewards Points (exchangeable for a wide range of gifts, gift certificates and charity donations) or entries into sweepstakes worth up to $10,000.

Available in the UK plus the following countries: U.S.A, Canada, France, Germany, Spain, Italy, Japan, South Korea, South Africa, Australia, Finland, Brazil and Argentina.

Toluna (formerly Test&Vote) is slightly different from other survey sites I've come across in that you don't have to rely on getting invitations for completing surveys, but have several other ways of earning points or getting free items.

  • Registration earns you 1,500 points
  • Quick votes, each time you take part earns you 15 points (there are always loads of these on the site so visit regularly. They take a matter of seconds to complete.)
  • Product testing, registering for each trial earns you 75 points even if you're not selected to take part
  • Surveys earn you between 3,000 and 30,000 points
  • Referring a friend, for each person who joins Toluna because of you, you will earn 500 points
  • Subject panels - complete these to get 500 points per subject.

You can either exchange your points for gift vouchers or use them to buy tickets in the monthly lottery for £1000 in vouchers.

Visit Toluna to get further details and register for the UK site.

Join today for your chance to win

Yougov.com require regular contributions for opinion polls, often on behalf of national newspapers on topical matters. They usually pay 50p or £1 for each survey, but some are prize polls awarding up to £500. Generally they e-mail you when surveys are available - usually about once a week. You also earn 100% of the earnings of anyone you refer for 3 months eg if your brother signs up and completes 14 surveys paying £1 each he earns £14 and so do you.

Join pureprofile and earn at least £1 every time you choose to read and respond to marketing messages! Profile Pages are web pages of information you choose to publish on a particular product or service you have or are thinking about buying. Your Profile Pages are published in pureprofile's Reverse Search Engine, where relevant marketers can search for and send you messages on the products that meet your needs. Note: your personal identity is never revealed so you won't get bombarded with spam or junk mail, just paying surveys.

MyOffers - Just complete short customer surveys to be in with a chance of winning from a range of great prizes. Even if you don't win a major prize, from time to time you get your choice from a selection of prizes (mousemats, baseball caps, mugs etc) just for completing a set number of prize surveys, or get an entry in a major draw for a car/holiday etc with assigned surveys.

Completing Voice in a Crowdís surveys earns you entries into the monthly prize draw with the chance to win top prizes ranging from cash and the latest gadgets to once in a lifetime experiences. The more surveys you complete the more entries you receive into the monthly prize draw. Watch out for the bonus prize surveys for even more chances to win great stuff.


Join ZoomPanel and earn points, prizes or gift certificates when you complete eligible surveys. The ZoomPanel exists strictly to conduct online market research for large consumer products companies. They may want to know what you think about new products that they are working on or may ask for your point of view about package designs, television ads, etc. Panel members will be invited to take a survey no more than 4 times each month. Some surveys offer ZoomPoints (exchangeable for gifts/vouchers in their online catalogue); some offer prizes; sometimes sweepstakes entries are your reward.

ZoomRewards program is open to legal residents of the UK plus the US, Canada, France and Australia.

qSample work directly with the market research companies. Their QuestionPro Survey Software is used by over 2000 companies worldwide to conduct online surveys.

They believe that everyone spending their time should be compensated - not one lucky winner. Hence they've structured this program such that the clients pay everyone who take the surveys. That's how they guarantee that you'll get paid. When you receive an invitation to take a survey, the compensation amount will be clearly noted on the email invitation. Expect to get paid anywhere between $1 to $15 per survey, through PayPal. Note that in some cases the clients insist that they use a prize or give-away. In such cases, there will still be a per/completion payout, although it will be nominal - between $.10 to $1, and you'll be entered in to the grand prize.

qSample is not a survey review site. They do not pass your data outside their network. They do not share your information with others, not even with their clients.

You can refer friends to signup with qSample, and earn more cash. For every survey that your friends complete, you get an additional 5% of their incentive. Furthermore, if your friends refer other people, you get 1% of that too.

No matter which country you are from, if someone is conducting market research there, they need you!

NFO Consumer Club is the UK arm of one of the world's top 3 consumer research organisations, over 50 years old, and one of my personal favourites. Forget getting paid in points or having to reach minimum payout thresholds, NFO pay you every time you are asked to complete a survey, even if you don't qualify. Expect to receive a £1 gift voucher, valid in most high street stores if you don't qualify or £2-£4 for a complete survey. They also have occasional product tests as well. Click Here to register or get more details.

Also available in US and Canada, although different rewards apply.

SurveySpot Each survey you complete gives you an entry into the monthly draw. 113 prizes will be awarded, totaling approximately £5,000, every month: One prize of £500; two prizes of £250 each; 50 prizes of £50 each; 60 prizes of £25 each. With so many prizes it isn't difficult to win - I've had two myself.

Every user who registers at gets automatic entry into the £10,000 prize draw. At the end of the sign-up survey, you get immediate access to a rewards page with the latest discounts, offers and prizes. After this, you can return to the rewards page as often as you like to take up the latest offers, without having to go through the registration again.

Incentives to date have included free holidays, 3G video phones, book and music discounts, shopping vouchers and a host of other lifestyle-related offers.


Survey Savvy pay $3 cash for completed surveys and also earn from referring friends - $2 for survey completed by your referrals, and $1 by their referrals.

What is particularly good about this company for non US residents especially, is that you can request payment at any time (no minimum), let the cash accumulate if you wish to save on bank charges, or even make the checks payable to somebody else if you wish to make a dollar payment.

PlanetPanel is a worldwide community of consumers from 21 different countries. For every survey you choose to complete, you earn an extra chance to win cash prizes in both the monthly drawings and the annual $12,000 prize draw. Each month there is 1 US$1000 prize winner drawn among ALL countries and 4 US$50 prize winners drawn from UK panelists.

Free Paid Surveys with TestSpin - Register with TestSpin and earn up to $600 in Amazon gift certificates for taking paid online surveys and participating in their market research panel.

want to hear your views, opinions and answers on a whole variety of topics. With every survey you complete, you will be entered into a prize drawing.

Saros Research members are financially rewarded for giving up their time (typically £30 - £50 for 2 hours work) and sharing their views in discussion groups, or participating in interviews or surveys. To maintain quality standards you will not be able to take part in a discussion group more than twice a year.

In particular they are concentrating on recruiting for groups in the Greater London area, plus other key urban centres.

Opinionate Consumer Panel
Opinionate.co.uk offers CASH (PayPal) and VOUCHER incentives (Amazon, Virgin Megastore and more) for participation in Online Research Surveys. The choice of cash or voucher is yours. Earn between £0.50 and £3.00 per survey. Voice your opinion and influence the way companies develop their products and services. By registering you will be entered into the £1000 prize draw.

Response Panel

ResponsePanel.com - as well as the usual cash, vouchers, prizes etc. for completing surveys (award will depend on client) you also earn points for each survey you complete which can be exchanged for rewards which appear to be in the form of high street gift vouchers. With points worth £5 for the first survey and 50p for each subsequent survey, on top of payment from the client, this could be one of the better paying sites. You also get extra points for any friends you refer so remember to add my username "homeworker" in the "Referred By" box. There's even a monthly draw for all members, with extra entries for each survey completed.

When you join Survey Network you are rewarded for every survey you complete and can earn as much as £10 per survey, with new surveys added almost daily. All payments will be sent via Paypal.

Unlike some other survey panels, they pay for every single survey you complete, process within days, not months and their customer service is one of the fastest you will ever encounter. You will get a response within a matter of hours if not minutes to any questions you might have.

Register today and you'll get a free bonus of £1 just for signing up.

You must be over 18 and a UK resident to become a member. Note that there is a strict one membership per household rule. Signing up with more than 1 account per household without authorization will lead to closure of all accounts without payment.

The MBS Internet Research Center is looking for people who are willing to participate in surveys and focus groups over the web. Many of their customers are willing to pay incentives in the form of cash, prizes, and drawings for your opinions.

Incentives for online surveys are usually in the form of cash, product samples and/or gift certificates. The type and amount of incentive are based on the type and size of survey and the respondent profile required by the contract and can vary from $2-$10 or more. Sometimes, surveys offer no incentive at all and sometimes you are entered into major drawings. In the case of review surveys, you may be allowed to keep product samples. Payment is based on the submission of a completely answered, requested survey form You are never obligated to participate.

Incentives for focus groups tend to be much higher than for surveys, but do not occur as frequently. Focus groups require you to have access to the Internet for 1 - 1½ hours of your time and a Java-capable web browser. All of the latest versions of Internet Explorer and Netscape are capable and are available for free download from the web. All you have to do is go to a website that we will provide you with at the time of the focus group and participate in the discussion.

KNOTs is a little different from most of the sites listed here. Not only is KNOTs available in much of Europe, but you also have the choice of taking your awards in vouchers from any of the countries participating, so if you're planning to holiday in Europe or have friends or family abroad you can opt for vouchers from the appropriate country. Currently KNOTs Club is operating in the UK, Germany, France, Spain, Italy, Belgium and The Netherlands so providing you're over 16 years old and live in one of these countries you qualify. You'll get your first 250 points when you complete the entry questionnaire


panelbase.net was first launched in 2004 and has become one of the fastest growing research communities on the internet. For every survey that you complete, you will be rewarded in one of two ways. Some questionnaires will carry rewards between £0.50 and £3, which is added to your panelbase.net account. In addition to receiving cash, other surveys may include entry into prize draws where you could win anything from a case of wine, to an iPod or a plasma TV. As soon as you reach the redemption threshold of £10 (you get £3 just for signing up) you can withdraw your money or convert it to high-street vouchers.

Alternatively you can donate your cash to charity. Currently you can choose from the following charities:
  • World Wildlife Fund
  • British Red Cross
  • Oxfam

Anyone aged 16 years or older with access to the Internet, a land line or mobile phone can join the panelbase.net research community. As they conduct research in a variety of ways (via the Internet, telephone, SMS, product testing, focus groups or postal) you can participate in a range of surveys that are not solely reliant upon you having access to the Internet.

Join HTMail's opt-in list

http://www.cosmeticresearchonline.co.uk supply research information to manufacturers of cosmetics and toiletries in 7 different countries. They don't offer payment but you do get to try the latest in cosmetics, toiletries and skincare free of charge. Trial products have already been tested for safety so they just want to know whether they work or not, whether they are pleasant to use and whether you think they could be improved. None have been tested on animals.

http://www.thats-what-i-think.co.uk lets you express your opinions about what you see on TV and Movie screens and hear on the radio. You get a chance to see and hear new releases before they're made public and help decide if they are up to your standards. You earn "Opinion Points" which are redeemable for such prizes as gift certificates from Amazon.co.uk or to make donations to charity. Not only do you earn points for joining up, completing surveys and earn 20% of the points earned by friends you refer, but they also give away points just to say thank you for being a part of the thats-what-i-think.co.uk community, or for responding quickly.

OpiStat is a European Research Institute that measures Internet usage and survey participants according to their profiles and online habits. Their surveys are short and rewarded and are currently available in the United Kingdom, Germany and France.

You can earn points by doing polls. The number of points for each poll will be clearly indicated on the poll pages. UK only to to exchange points for vouchers. If you live elsewhere they can be donated to charity.

General polls open to everyone pay out only to the first 3000 completed surveys, but all respondants get an entry into the monthly draw for each poll regardless of length (some polls are just one short question). You can opt to be notified by e-mail whenever a new survey goes live,and will also receive occasional e-mails for invitation only surveys which are generally longer and better paid.

You can exchange MyVoice points for vouchers when you have collected 2000 of them (worth £20) or give your points to charity when you have at least 1000.

You can currently choose from the following vouchers: Marks & Spencer, Boots, Dixons, Virgin Megastore, WH Smiths, Choice vouchers (valid in Argos, Woolworths, HMV, Dolcis, Mothercare, BHS, JJB Sports, H. Samuel) and Leisure Vouchers (valid in Pizza Hut, TGI Friday's, Thresher, Victoria Wine Shops, Marriott Hotels, David Lloyd centres).

Consumerlink pay you in iPoints for completing surveys, so you need to be an ipoints member first. Click here for more details and to sign up for ipoints. Whenever you take part in a survey, you are either awarded a set number of ipoints, or more often, entered into a draw to win ipoints.

Vividence As a panelist, you'll evaluate leading Web sites and provide vital feedback on your experience. For each evaluation you complete, you'll receive an Amazon.com gift certificate, usually for $10.

I have received several payments from this company

Spidermetrix - Australian site, but available worldwide. Get points (exchangeable for goods or cash) for reviewing websites, and extra points for referring others. Some surveys don't award points automatically but the chance to win points for giving one of the best reports. However these surveys are also often pre-qualifiers for other surveys, so well worth doing anyway.

Yahoo are looking for people to join their User Research program. Participants may receive up to $40 an hour, depending on the type of research! They are are looking for all types of people: Web novices and experts, Yahoo! users and non-users, people who use Yahoo! at home or at work, adults and kids ... everyone! Feel free to ask others to sign up too, especially those who are not yet on the Web!

They conduct research in many ways, such as:

  • Visiting you at your location in a field study
  • Inviting you to come into a Yahoo! office to participate in a usability study
  • Speaking with you in a telephone interview
  • Participating in an online focus group study
  • Connecting with you with an online survey

Obviously the "in person" surveys are mainly applicable to those in the San Francisco Bay Area of California, they do carry out surveys worldwide, and of course the online surveys are available to everyone, subject to the criteria of the study.

Sign up to become eligible to be part of the Capitol Records focus groups, which they will be holding throughout the next year. If we select you and you take part in a focus group, we'll send you music in the mail, you can listen to it, tell us what you think, and then for your time they'll send you more free music and other goodies.

Songpeople.com conduct offline and online research for the music industry. Prizes include MP3 players, cash and CD's for reviewing music and videos.

Michael Herbert Associates pay £15 plus online expenses for approximately one hour's discussion on the Internet Relay Chat (IRC) network.

Sporting Insights is an ongoing UK based research site, that tracks sports fans and participants around the world. They provide sporting events, websites and their sponsors with information on who sports fans are and what they want from their sports. This includes all kinds of information such as the sports that people are interested in, the profile of sports fans and the media that people use to interact with their sports.

In return they give respondents the chance of winning great prizes across a wide range of sports, as well as offering unique incentives to people who join their sports panel.

A chance to win money and prizes by completing a sponsored survey. Usually the amount is from $2-$10 for about 10-15 minutes of your time. Your check will arrive in the mail within a few weeks of submitting the questionnaire for a sponsored study. I have been paid by this company

International Advisory Panel
Fill out a background questionnaire and participate in surveys about twice a month. There are drawings for $75 for shorter surveys and $100 or more for longer surveys, plus T-shirts to be won.

NPD Online Research
With many of their studies they hold a cash or prize drawing. All members who participate are eligible for a chance to win the prize associated with that particular study. When they conduct a focus group you usually can choose a thank you gift from a pre-defined list of gifts.

You have a chance to win $500 or $10 Web coupons when you register. You will also receive a free gift or enter into a contest to win a cash prize for every survey that you complete. Notified by e-mail when suitable surveys are available.

Voice of the Internet
For each survey a portion (dependent on number of participants and cash available) of those responding get $5.

As a participant in the Harris Poll Online, you have the opportunity to influence important decision-makers in government, non-profit organizations, and corporations and help to shape the policies, products, and services they offer you. Your responses to Harris Poll Online questions can make a difference! The Harris Poll has been around for over 40 years, and is a trusted name.

Aside from having your say in matters that affect you, you'll also be able to see the survey results, so you can compare your opinions and experiences to those like and unlike you. Occasionally, you may participate in surveys whose results will be published in national or international media. If time permits, they'll email the results to you before they are published. You can scoop your friends!

They often show their appreciation for your participation by giving you the chance to enter sweepstakes. Prizes may consist of a cash award or special offer (such as free computer games or discount coupons). Surveys that include sweepstakes, cash awards or other special offers will be identified as such in the email invitation. In instances where prizes are awarded, you will qualify for these offers only after completing the survey or following the instructions for mail-in entries found in the sweepstake rules page, linked from the email invitation and the final survey page.

Survey Site pay a minimum of $35 if you participate in an online chat discussion and pay cash or hold contests if you answer an online survey. In the past month they have given away prizes such as a Compaq Presario Computer, $500 in cash, Amazon gift certificates and Palm Pilot Hand Held Computers. They also hold monthly draws for cash prizes. As part of their panel, they ask you to answer online surveys or participate in online chat discussions (called focus groups). Sometimes they will invite you to visit a specific Web site and ask what you think about the site. Other times, they will invite you to visit their online survey center and complete a short questionnaire on a specific topic. For example, they might ask your opinion about certain products or services that you regularly use.

Digital Research As panel members, you and the other members of your household have the opportunity to participate in opinion polls and product tests. All of their research projects involve participation incentives. Usually, you will be entered into a sweepstakes, offering prizes that consist of cash or merchandise. On other occasions, you may receive valuable coupons for your participation.

Members of their research database will receive e-mail invitations to participate in a variety of online and off-line research projects. Most projects include an incentive for completion, such as a cash sweepstakes, free product or an online gift certificate.

Some research projects you may be invited to participate in include:

  • reviewing new web sites
  • evaluating creative concepts
  • testing new products
  • assessing content preferences
  • describing Internet or website use

Focusline.com is an online consumer research service that conducts online interviews about a variety of consumer oriented topics. We use your opinions and suggestions to help companies better meet your needs as a consumer. Participation in our paid surveys is fun, interesting, and financially rewarding, and is only open to registered members! The only prerequisites to join are that you must be an adult and you must have a valid email address.

To become a member and enable them to match your demographics to their research projects, they need you to complete a profile of yourself. As a member, you'll be eligible to participate in web based surveys, one-on-one interviews and group sessions. You may be required to fill out a short prequalifying survey to help them determine your suitability for an upcoming paid study. Prequalifiers only take about a minute to complete and full surveys usually take about 10 minutes. Group sessions and one-on-one interviews are conducted in a chat based environment and generally last for 30 minutes to an hour. They typically pay between $25 to $45 for participation in their studies.

IntelliQuest Technology Panel For each survey that you complete and return by the specified date, you will earn PERCS (Points Earned for Returning Completed Surveys, converted to cash and paid quarterly. The value of PERCS currency is $1.00 for every 100 PERCS points. ) or be entered in a drawing for prizes, such as notebook computers, CD-ROM drives, software, and cash.

The Internet Poll provide incentives to complete surveys, but no details given

Product Testing Services With product beta testing, there is always an incentive for you. Usually, you get to keep the product. In the case of testing products with little actual value, additional incentives are usually offered.

http://www.clarionresearch.com/ Panelists who qualify for online surveys are generally compensated with cash, product incentives or service incentives.

Consumerviews When you are invited to complete a questionnaire for a client, you will be told what the token payment or gift will be for participation. Typically, participants will receive a check for $5.00 or perhaps coupons worth $5 or more on the client's products. In some situations, participants may receive larger payments. I have received payment from this company.

Marketview Research. - random drawings for cash or merchandise prizes every time you answer one of their surveys.

eLab:Research for a Digital World

eLab are looking for people to participate a few times a year in their innovative online experiments and surveys about how people behave in the digital world. All of their projects are academic research conducted by eLab faculty and post-doctoral fellows at Vanderbilt University.

Every month eLab holds a random drawing for a $250 cash prize. As a registered panelist, you are eligible for the drawing. Your chance of winning increases as you participate in our experiments and surveys.

Additionally, if you choose to participate in an eLab experiment or survey, you are also eligible for separate drawings for $100 cash prizes.


Here are a few buyers' experiences of survey companies:


I stupidly paid my money to join the http://www.money4surveys.co.uk. website. They have not supplied me with the said amount of surveys I could expect and I have asked for a refund to which I have heard nothing. Most of the survey sites pay you in free sweets or entry into a monthly draw, not the £5 a survey claimed in the initial application.


Thinking that with me being on-line so much, I may as well put my time to good use and earn myself some much needed funds, hence one of the reasons for joining CIAO! I had also joined a few other online survey sites, but as yet had no surveys to do for them, so in my ignorance of these things, and on looking round the net, I came across a website that said they had an exclusive list of nearly 200 internet marketing companies, with paid and rewarded survey opportunities, I also got an email into my account telling me about this opportunity.

I knew that many companies worked only with selected groups, and thought that this was a way of getting into these groups, and broadening my chances of increasing my funds. Survey Junction stated that these were 'worldwide opportunities', and so I thought that I would give it a go.

After paying 'the small one time $32.95 Membership Fee' I was given access to their members only area, which contained two pages of links to such websites as CIAO! and other sites which do surveys for prize draws, or to earn points. Most of the ones which paid out monies were for people who reside in the USA, also along with these survey sites (which could have been found by searching through a search engine) were many links which infact were not survey sites, but 'freestuff' sites!!!!!!!!

PLEASE NOTE - You are likely to come across many sites offering a similar service to Survey Junction above. Whilst others are more comprehensive and better value, they are generally only worth considering if you are U.S. based and would rather pay a one-off fee for a regularly updated listing than do your own research. However, almost all do offer money-back guarantees so there is no risk to checking them out.

For a much more comprehensive list of survey sites, please visit http://www.WhichSurveys.com

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