Teaching Opportunities

If you’ve skills of your own, or formal teaching qualifications, why not consider teaching others either from your own home,in person or online, or visiting the homes of your students.

Tutor Hunt

Tutor Hunt is a service for both pupils, and tutors wishing to advertise their service on the site. As a tutor you can create your own tutor profile for free, allow students to find you by postcode and list all your subjects and set your own prices.

Tutor Hunt realise that some tutors will teach at local schools and would like to keep their personal details confidential. Even though they take details such as address, phone numbers and email address when tutors register, they do not show any of these details in searches. Instead they have developed a system where the students can contact tutors through tutorhunt. Through this mechanism the tutor can reveal the details he/she wishes directly to the student. This system ensures that students don’t abuse the system to find personal details on their teachers and misuse it.

First Tutors has been recommended by The Good Schools Guide and has won awards recognising it as an appropriate and affordable way to find a good private tutor in the local area. They are used by thousands of parents nationwide, who value both the wide choice of tutors on our database, and the tutor reviews written by parents. As a tutor you can register to advertise your tuition services for free, paying only a small fees only a tutee selects you as their chosen tutor. Their services give you the flexibility to specify where and when you are available to tutor and how much you wish to charge for multiple subjects across different levels.


At Limu, you can teach or tutor any subject or skill you have mastered, whether academic, professional or hobby-related. Real-life teachers, students, professionals, even hobbyists who have Knowledge to offer can teach and tutor others. From maths and marketing to painting and cooking, there are over 400 subject categories in which you can register your Knowledge Asset.

Knowledge Assets are any Knowledge offering that you would like to teach at Limu, from courses and degree programmes to tutoring sessions and lifelong learning.

You can offer a one-hour introduction to a subject or a Knowledge Asset consisting of several sessions held over a period of weeks or months. Because Limu is a Knowledge marketplace, it is you who decides what content to offer and how to structure your offering.

Teaching and tutoring at Limu is based on the Teacher and Learner(s) meeting and interacting live and online in Limu’s browser-based Virtual Classroom. With full moderation facilities, live voice chat, live text chat and a virtual drawing board, their Classroom offers you all a traditional classroom would and more. The Virtual Classroom is accessible at all times, even outside scheduled session times, allowing you to post messages to your Learner(s) in the forum (the online discussion board), or upload files and materials to the library. Transcripts of all live sessions are available to all participants during the Knowledge Asset and after it has been completed.

As an alternative to posting your own Knowledge Assets, you can search their database of ‘wanted Knowledge Assets’ that have been posted by Learners who are searching for a Teacher in a particular field or subject. You can respond to these postings if you can meet the Learner’s needs.

EFL Teaching Vacancies

EFLONLINE is currently looking for teachers who hold a recognised qualified in Teaching English online such as the Diploma in TEO or equivalent. They have students contacting them on a daily basis seeking well qualified teachers of both general or business English. If you are interested in working with this efl online provider, please contact: vacancies@eflonline.co.uk

ContinueMyEducation.com are a continuing education provider that is looking for teachers and instructors. All work can be done from your home in any location on a computer with an Internet connection. Teachers need to provide their own course content and the teacher will retain ownership of this course content. Teachers can teach from a book if desired but some online content will have to be developed to support the course. Teachers will be trained to use the online environment where classes are taught. Both interactive and non interactive classes will be offered but interaction with students will be limited to online communication tools.


Prior instruction experience is a plus however not a requirement if you have a course you would like to teach and would make a great teacher. Bonus compensation is paid based on your education quality ratings that students provide and the number of students that take your class. This should only be considered a great way to make part income initially but has the possibility to bring in significant income for the right teachers/courses.

For legal reasons you will need to form a US company if you are not US based, but they are currently looking into alternatives.

To apply please visit www.continuemyeducation.com and read the FAQ and application instructions.

Also worth trying are:

* Teach Network specialise in providing qualified teachers with online teaching jobs throughout the UK.
* Teachers.net which usually has a few listings, but you have to plough through all the general teaching positions to find the ones which are exclusively online.

Music/Drama/Dance Teaching
www.musiclessonsonline.co.uk is looking for music teachers to add to their searchable online database. With more than 200 people searching the site for music teachers each day they are keen to build the fast growing membership. It is completely free to register so if you are qualified to teach any instrument and would be interested in gaining new pupils take a look at the site. Dance and Drama Teachers are also invited to register as they will be launching the Dance and Drama database shortly.
Online Teaching Resources

The i-to-i online TEFL course from Online TEFL is taken by all ages and nationalities the world over who want to teach English abroad. The online course can be taken in your own time from anywhere and will give you the certificate to get you your first teaching post. Free trial available . UK Weekend TEFL Courses also available.

i-to-i is an accredited TEFL course provider offering you quality and internationally recognised Online TEFL training for teachers and travelers to Teach English as a Foreign Language all over the world.

Whether you’re a backpacking student, a career-breaking professional or an adventure-seeking retiree, with the Online TEFL course you could find yourself teaching English in countries as diverse as Japan, Italy, Mexico or even Thailand.

You will receive a 40-hour TEFL certificate upon successful completion of the course, the same teaching certificate that thousands of people have used to help secure TEFL jobs teaching English around the world.

Teaching English in Japan with i-to-i
If you are interested in Japanese culture, becoming a teacher is one of the best ways to go to Japan. By working in a state school system, you learn a lot about Japanese daily routine and life through interacting with students and teachers. Learning basic Japanese is not difficult, and with a little effort you will appreciate a new found independence in what you can read and hear as well as be appreciated by the people around you whether in school, town, or during a trip.

If you book their 100-hour TEFL course, they are offering their Japan teaching placement at no fee. By taking an i-to-i TEFL job in Japan you will earn around €1600 a month.

Mindflash enables you to set up an online training website in minutes and start producing engaging, high quality courses and quizzes using Word and PowerPoint files.

You can add learners to your courses or let them self-enroll and accept credit card payments for paying courses.

You get course reports by group or learner and can add more instructors, administrators, and courses as required. Sample course and 30 day free trial available.

For details of Courses & Degrees in Teaching Online and Online Course Development Resources visit http://www.worldwidelearn.com/teaching-online.htm
Recommended Reading

This comprehensive guide that tells you why you should teach abroad, how to find the jobs available, how to secure a job, what to consider and much much more. Written by someone that has really put all this into practice and helped many others too. It is organised into 9 chapters which take you through the teaching opportunities overseas and provide comprehensive information on how to go about taking advantage of them.

* Chapter 1 – Introduction – This chapter gives you an introduction to the author M. Ray-Chaudhuri, basic facts about this guide.
* Chapter 2 – Why teach abroad? – This chapter looks at the reasons why you should be thinking about teaching overseas.
* Chapter 3 – Types of School – This chapter looks at the many varied types of schools, curriculum they offer.
* Chapter 4 – Finding the right job – This chapter looks at: qualification required, tips for jobs hunting, agencies and jobfairs. *** INCLUDES LINKS TO CURRENT VACANCIES ****
* Chapter 5 – Applying for the job – This chapter gives an outline about how to prepare your CV, letter of application for a teaching job in international job market.
* Chapter 6 – Recruitment / The Interview – This chapter has a collection of frequently asked questions by the Director/Head of International schools.
* Chapter 7 – Guide to Regions around the World – This chapter contains a guide the main areas around the world and is full of useful information to help you choose where to work.
* Chapter 8 – Directory of International schools – Chapter 8 provides a comprehensive directory of www sites for international schools along with a collection of further related sites.
* Chapter 9 – Conclusion – This chapter summarises the key factors to consider and how should put your action plan in progress to get a job teaching abroad.

Visit Teach-international for full details.

The “Make Money Teaching” Reports – Bill Lurie

Are you already teaching private students? Do you tutor students?Are you teaching guitar? Do you want to learn how to start a cooking school? Would you love to have your own karate school, dance school, art studio, driving school? Do you teach ballet, music, painting, martial arts, computer software, book keeping, photography? Do you have skills that you want to teach to others?

If this has ever been a dream of yours,then this could be what you’ve been looking for. Available as a package, or as 3 separate in-depth reports, Bill shares his 27 years experience to help you to make money teaching privately.

The reports are:

* Advertising Report – Promoting Yourself – critical information on advertising to get students
* Registration Report – vital information on how to register more students
* The Business Strategies Report – tips and strategies to maximize your income opportunities as well as creating supplementary income streams related to teaching.

Available in electronic format for immediate download, you can get full details and order from Make Money Teaching.

You Can Teach Online – Gary S. Moore, Kathryn Winograd, Dan Lange
You CAN Teach Online! is a web-enhanced text featuring newly breaking information on an ongoing basis in this rapidly changing field. The website is available only to users of this textbook (code protected). The site contains numerous useful links including a CYBERCLASS where readers will be able to engage in tasks that include participation in threaded discussions, chatrooms, file transfers, and visiting and evaluating other web courses. eCollege will host this site and the text authors will be responsible for content and maintenance. Users will find links in the printed book and on the Website that will permit them to download mostly free materials that will significantly benefit their online course and the student experience.

How to Be an Online Tutor – Julia Duggleby

Five Star Reviews on Amazon

This book assumes little in the way of technical expertise – just some basic experience of the World Wide Web and email, but no more. It isn’t intended as a technical primer, but rather as a guide to translating what educators already do, in terms of training and facilitating learning, into an online environment, within the conversion of existing courses or in the creation of new ones. In the process, the book explores the nature, benefits and pitfalls of online learning and the technical skills of sourcing materials, planning, designing and testing courses. Despite, or perhaps because of the use of technology, the online tutor has a very important human role in engaging, reassuring, welcoming and supporting the course members. The book focuses on how to provide a climate in which people can take responsibility for their own learning; how to guide learners through the course so that they complete it successfully; and how to be a facilitator for learning, leaving the technology and other learners to deliver the content.


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