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If you’re looking to boost the traffic to your site, but don’t want to spend a fortune on advertising every month, there are several options available to you. If you have a small amount to make a one-off investment there are several options that automate publicity, bringing floods of visitors to your site in exchange for just a few minutes work. Alternatively if you have little money but have plenty of time on your hands, there are now several sites springing up that will bring visitors to your site, not just show a banner, in exchange for you visiting the sites of others. Many of these also operate a referral program whereby you also get extra visits in exchange for the visits made by your referrals.

These sites also make it really easy to keep up to date with all the latest business opportunities, and other interesting sites

These forms of promotion are particularly useful if you have a replica site which cannot be promoted easily through high search engine ranking.

If you already have a steady flow of traffic, you can also generate hits by showing a random member’s site to your own visitors when they leave your site.

For details of free and nearly free ways of getting referrals or promoting any online business, visit our downline page
WebPosition 4 FREE Trial

Free 30-Day Trial Allows you to Try WebPosition 4 Risk-Free

WebPosition 4 now delivers complete website search engine visibility metrics making it an even more indispensable tool in your search marketing tool box. WebPosition 4 allows you to:
# 1. Report your search engine rankings
# 2. Target your keywords
# 3. Optimize pages using built-in expertise
# 4. Submit URLs to search engines
# 5. Analyze conversions using WebTrends*
Web 2.0

Web 2.0, a phrase coined by O’Reilly Media in 2004, refers to a perceived second generation of web-based services, in particular social networking sites (eg MySpace), social bookmarks (eg, wikis (eg wikipedia) and blog networks (eg squidoo) that depend on online collaboration and sharing among users.

Often ignored as simply a place for young people to socialise online, they can be an incredibly cheap, quick and effective way of driving traffic to a website. Too big a topic to cover in a page or two, I’d recommend taking a look at a new publication, Web 2.0 Traffic System , which reveals 7 new Web 2.0 techniques which are proven To flood your website with thousands of targeted visitors in as little as 3 days.

General topics covered include:

* What Web 2.0 is… And why every Internet Marketer must know how to leverage it correctly
* The Underground Web 2.0 site the gurus want to keep hidden from you
* How to turn free traffic into a huge profit
* The fast blogging system that is working now!
* 6 No-Brainer techniques to get on the home page of a Web 2.0 mega power
* The #1 resource any blogger must use to get more exposure and traffic
* The growing underground social networking site that 72% of users are between 30-60 years of age and have plenty of disposable income
* VSEO… What is it and the 5 must know rules guru’s aren’t telling you
* The #1 thing to do right now to drive traffic to your website
* How a simple Podcast can be your secret weapon
* The 4 genres you need to making videos for to maximise profit on web video
* The only 7 Blog directories you need to submit your Blog too

In addition, the guide offers site specific advice on the following:


* Information you must include in your MySpace blog
* How to drive loads of targeted traffic from MySpace without getting your account shut down
* How to quickly boost your credibility on MySpace
* 6 techniques to drive traffic to your website through your MySpace profile
* How to use MySpace to strike JV deals
* How selecting your MySpace username can multiply your traffic by over 200%
* How to attract viral traffic to your MySpace page using a tiny piece of code


* A step-by-step system to driving traffic from Youtube and Google Video


* 8 step system to get up and running with Squidoo today
* How to unleash the power of Squidoo to generate a fast and furious stream of traffic to your website
* The 3 easiest ways to make money with Squidoo
* 4 advanced strategies to make your Squidoo lens a super power and generate thousands of targeted visitors


* How to combine the power of Netscape with Digg to send your stats counter into overdrive
* How to use Digg to generate an avalanche of traffic to your site
* 3 quick tips you should implement to get your stories on the front page of Digg
* The 4 quick steps you need to take to start getting traffic from Digg

Get further details on this guide, visit Web 2.0 Traffic System

Press Releases

Press Equalizer

Some of the most effective on-going free traffic is that which you’ll get through a high listing on Google or similar search engines and the strategy with the best results so far in this field is Press Equaliser. A colleague tested this one for me and these are his results:

He submitted information into Press Equaliser for 5 test sites with 10 keywords listed for each of the sites. Press Equaliser then listed this information on numerous websites. It does this automatically; we don’t have to find the sites. He then typed these keywords in to Google every day and scrolled down 10 pages to see if we could find any of the 5 websites. For 4 days there was nothing and then on the 4th day all 5 websites started appearing. It was incredible to see.

It works by pasting your information (with your link to your site) on very high ranking websites which Google’s robot checks every 3 days for new content! All sites had a traffic increase with the highest recorded increase of traffic of 127%. Not bad for less than 1 hours work!

Press Equalizer comes with a concise, 21-page report detailing, step-by-step, how to use this strategy to help you duplicate this level of success. There’s just a one off payment of around £50 and you’ve got 60 days to try it out. If it doesn’t work for you, then simply claim under the no-strings guarantee.

For more information visit
Joint Venture Giveaways

Run periodically during the year, these promotions enable you to get a large number of subscribers to your newsletter, by offering a contribution to the huge collection of freebies on offer. They usually only last a few days, pushing people to react immediately to claim all the free gifts on offer. Usually on offer are ebooks, downloadable software, free access to membership sites etc. so if you don’t have your own product to give away you can easily offer a free ebook you’ve obtained elsewhere, (subject to distribution rights).

The following are currently accepting submissions:

* Easter Giveaway 2009
* Goliath Giveaway
* Fair Rainbow GiveAway
* E-biz Launchpad

Click Exchange

With each of the following sites, you earn page views on your site, based on the number of pages you view from other sites.

If you don’t have the time or inclination to spend all day building up your account you can usually purchase upgrade packages which give you credits and referrals. Alternatively, take advantage of the bulk buying power of an advertising co-op and get thousands of page views for a few dollars a month. Quality Page Views for example offer you at least 4,500 page views per page on 37 different traffic exchanges for just $15 a month for 1 link or $22 for 2.

Top 5 Traffic Exchanges

With what must now be hundreds of different traffic exchanges around, it can be hard to know which ones to choose. Hit Exchange Report operates a database of millions of hits delivered by hit exchanges since 2002 and the quality of the traffic delivered. They present that information in a convenient and easy-to-understand report. On average, each report analyzes 400,000 hits delivered over the last six weeks by nearly 100 hit exchanges in order to present you with the Top 40 Hit Exchanges. The report is updated weekly and sold by single issue or monthly subscription. You can get a copy/subscription yourself from or if you just want to know which are the top performing exchanges according to their findings, then you’ll find the answers below. I can’t promise to update this section every week but I will update it on a regular basis. You can however find the latest listing here.

March 10 2009 report

Overall Top Performing Hit Exchanges by statistical testing data only from Hit Exchange Report

* Hit2Hit #1 overall performance
* TrafficSwarm #2 overall performance
* HitsBoosterPro – #3 overall performance
* DragonSurf #4 overall performance
* EasyHits4U #5 overall performance

Others worth considering are:

TrafficG – regularly in the top 5 overall performances – great if you want to target geographically

Linkcrews – Tokens earned per view increases as you move up the league table of points earned in the week. Bonus points as you surf plus weekly tokens from your final crew position.

RoyalSurf is a new traffic exchange that has burst into the Hit Exchange Top 40. In addition to earning credits from your own surfing you’re also a citizen of a kingdom jointly surfing to slay dragons, rescue princesses etc. with bonus weekly credits for the top kingdoms.


Whilst almost all exchanges offer you the chance to generate visitors at no cost, most offer an upgrade which offers considerable advantages in the way of increased visitor ratios (you need to visit fewer sites to get the same number of visitors) and often includes other benefits.

Of course, just viewing sites can get a little bit boring so the best sites add extra twists to keep you alert and interested. WebCentreSurf has always been one of my favourites as they throw in bonus credits at random intervals (but only if you’re paying attention) and after every 50 sites you get a general knowledge quiz with the chance to earn 1000 credits, along the lines of “Who wants to be a millionaire?”. For once the questions have a strong British theme but I tend to chicken out at the 125 credit mark so I don’t know how tough the later questions are.

Up until now I hadn’t upgraded with this site but this week that changed when they announced a major improvement to their membership options. Every upgraded member not only gets free credits, free referrals and other surfing perks but you now get the chance to send a solo ad every month to every member of the program, currently around 13,600. Every member who reads the ad and visits your site earns 10 bonus credits and they are reminded that your message is waiting every time they surf. With upgrades starting at just $5 a month, this has to be the best offer you’ll see all year.

Want Your Site Seen?

Magic Highway

Traffic Exchanges can be a great way for getting people to visit a website, either your own or a link provided by a site you’re promoting, but the way they really come into their own is by getting referrals so that you also earn credits when others surf. Unfortunately most of us have little success in getting more than 1 or 2 sign-ups, even for free. Magic Highway could end that problem without having to do any recruiting, upgrading or purchasing a downline. operates a treasure hunt every week whereby anybody who finds 18 or more of the 20 treasures (each with their own individual bonus awards) can get added to the Admin-Sponsored-Member rotator for new unassigned members. Alternatively you can choose a prize of traffic credits or setting one of the treasure questions to link to your site for the answer.

However even if you don’t find all the treasure you’re still guaranteed to be added to the rotator providing you meet their surfing requirements. As these simply require you to surf every day of that particular week, and visit an average of 100 sites per day over the week this isn’t too difficult to achieve. For more details visit

TopSurfer is one of my favourite traffic exchange sites and definitely has the best upgrade package. You get 100 free hits when you sign up and get a range of surfing options where you can earn cash or bonus hits as you surf. If you choose to upgrade (from just $10) you get thousands of free hits together with newsletter ads, free software and the ability to bribe other members to sign up to other programs you’re involved with plus many other benefits. I signed up for a year and got an incredible 74,400 hits added and 120 newsletter ads as well as loads of other benefits. Visit for full details of the wholesale membership package.

One of my own personal favourites is Share-traffic. Like most click exchange programs you earn one showing of your page in exchange for every 2 sites you visit. In addition you earn 25% of the credits earned by your referrals, 10% on the second level of referrals,and up to 5% on three further levels.Where this one comes into its own, is that you are randomly awarded extra clicks, up to 100 at a time, and every 25 visits you get a free game of poker which can earn you up to 1000 extra credits plus cash. Additionally, for an optional one off payment of just $19.95 (most other programs seem to require monthly subscriptions) you get 1000 extra credits, double the number of visitors to your site (1:1 ratio), downline members assigned to you and extra poker games with doubled prizes.

ClickCrazey is another site with random bonus credits and Focus points as you surf. Find letters as you surf to spell words and get further bonus credits. 50 free credits when you join. Monthly upgrade subscription available.

Banner Exchange

If you are able to add code to your own site, you can earn free banner advertising for your own site from every visitor to your own site simply by adding a banner. By referring others into these free programs you can also earn extra impressions.

With BannerBeast you get 1000 free credits just for signing up, and 1000 for each new member you sign up. You’ll even earn credits while promoting your BannerBeast page at traffic exchange sites.
Links from Other Sites

In additional to getting listed in search engines, another way for your site to be found is through similar sites so try to arrange for your site to be listed on as many relevant sites as possible. Use search engines to find appropriate sites and suggest that they might like to add your site details to their site. Usually you’ll need to place a link to their site on yours. One of the factors that affects your rating with search engines is the frequency with which your website address appears on other websites, so this will also help your visibility.

Squidoo – Many lenses within the Squidoo network offer the opportunity to add a link to your own site, completely free of charge. My own squidoo site at offers this facility so visit now and add your link today.

EmailTrafficTrader – get your linking details submitted to all their members (over 1000 and growing) and you could gain hundreds of links to your site within days and for free. Plus, members get daily updates and linking details for new members that join each day. A fast, free, and easy way to gain link partners. is an automated reciprocal link exchange service – You can boost your Link Popularity by joining their directory of participating partner websites. Optional paid service enables your links to be added to other sites without the requirement to add links to your site.

Link Helpers – Webmasters helping webmasters develop high value relevant links. Promoting ethical web-marketing using the time trusted pillars of relevance and popularity.

See for more details of sites that sell links without the need to add links on your site.

For details of other traffic exchange programs, visit
S.E.O. Traffic Tips

A website is nothing without visitors. The following articles will help you build search engine friendly pages.

How do search engines work – Web Crawlers

Keyword Density

Some essential feaures your web site must have

Some other Keyword Research Tools

Submitting your website to search engines

The importance of Referer Logs

The importance of Search Engines

Tips to Get Repeat Web Traffic

Tips to increase ranking and website traffic

Tools to monitor your website

Using Keywords in Page Titles

Web hosting companies

Web hosting Services and Domain names

Website as Storefronts

What is Search Engine Optimization


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